Bigg Boss 12 Makers Got the First Contestant? Here are the Details

Bigg Boss 12 edition is going to start in a few weeks from now and things have started to heat up. The program is such a hit that there have been Bigg Boss shows being produced in various languages including Marathi, which is running with great popularity right now. And who is going to say anything about that, the show is getting an amazing response from audiences for every season which it has been running.

One thing which Bigg Boss Season 12 promises is more controversy and a higher dose of entertainment. For this they are getting controversial contestants who have a liking to get into arguments and fights with other people.

Uttarakhand’s government school teacher, Uttara Pant Bahugana who came into limelight recently for getting in an argument with the Chief Minister and was suspended later has been approached for BB12. However, she has refused the offer.

Uttara herself confirmed the news to ANI and said –

“I had received a call from the makers of Bigg Boss yesterday, but I refused the offer. I just want to run my household & take care of my children”