Sundar Pichai’s Earns this Much Money as Salary! And it Doubles Every Year!

Sundar Pichai is one man who is looked upon as an inspiration by every Indian engineer. He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and as of now, he is the CEO of the world’s largest search engine, Google. Sundar is a perfect example to prove that hard work and determination can make your dreams come true.

His hard work and hunger for achieving excellence have been praised by Google earlier too and now once again, they have appreciated it by paying him $200 million as his salary package in 2016. This amount is almost double of what he was paid in the year 2015.

However, if we see at the break-up of Sundar’s salary package, he has received only $650,000 as his salary and $198.7 million has been awarded to him as stocks.

In 2015 too, he was awarded stocks worth $99.8 million and in 2016, the value of stocks he has got is nearly double.

The interesting thing is co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, draw only $1 as their salary but they have nearly $40 billion worth stocks of the company.

The performance of Google and its parent company Alphabet has been consistently wonderful and value of one share is $1,000 each. In simple words, Sundar Pichai’s salary is also rising high as the prices of Google’s shares.