Dated and Related: Cast of Netflix’s new Awkward Dating Show

It’s awkward enough when you’re dating on your own; imagine being watched by your brother or sister. This is the concept behind the upcoming Netflix reality series Dated & Related, which premieres on Friday, September 2.

Dated and related Netflix series

A group of singles will live in a luxury villa in the south of France in hopes of finding love. What’s the catch? Every person is joined by their sibling, who is also seeking love. Having someone who knows you better than anyone should help you navigate the tricky world of dating, but judging by the trailer, it could also make things harder.

Total of 8 siblings will participate in this reality show. Let’s meet them one by one.

Cast of Date and Related, Netflix

Daniel Perfetto and Julia Perfetto

The gorgeous Perfetto siblings come from Ontario, Canada.

Daniel Perfetto is a 25 year old working in Client Care Specialist.
Instagram: @danielperfetto

Julia Perfetto is 21 years old and works HR Associate and Personal Trainer.

Instagram: @juliaperfetto

Ceylan Taneri and Alara Taneri

The Taneri siblings come from UK / Cyprus.

Ceylan Taneri is a 25 year old Professional Footballer.

Instagram: @ceylantaneri

While Alara Taneri is 22 years of age and studies fashion design

Instagram: @alarateneri

Diana Javidi Parsijani and Nina Javidi Parsijani

The smoking hot Parsijani twin sisters come from Oslo, Norway.

Diana is 29 years old and she is a Jewellery Specialist.

Instagram: @ninaxdiana

Nina Javidi Parsijani is 29 years old too and she also works as a Jewellery Specialist.

Instagram: @ninaxdiana