Welcome Tejas Express, the Premium Train Between Mumbai-Goa! Forget about Flight, Think This Train Journey!

If you are a Mumbaikar who has plans to travel to Goa this summer, the Indian Railways has good news for you. Yes, it has plans of launching “Tejas Express”, a premium train service between Mumbai and Goa. You will be excited to know its facilities on offer. People who usually prefer to take flights to Goa will also opt this train because of its superior features.

Apart from the normal facilities, there would be Wi-Fi, LCD screens, automatic doors, coffee/ tea vending machines, snack tables, magazines and much more. It you are a complete foodie, there would be several celebrity chefs who would be ready to serve the best of cuisines.

Given below are few important things that you need to known about Tejas Express;

  1. The train would start operating from the month of June this year.
  2. It would offer a world class experience; the train will have chair cars and executive class. Moreover, it is said that there will be 22 new features in this train. These include suppression systems, smoke detectors, fire detectors and much more.
  3. There would be 200 coaches and each of them will have secure gangways and automatic doors.
  4. The main highlight of the train would be its Wi-Fi features; yes, the train will allow the customers to use the Wi-Fi facilities with great ease.
  5. The color scheme of the train is also well co-ordinated; the interiors would match the exteriors, thereby giving everyone a luxurious experience.
  6. If you get too bored on your journey, there will be LCD screens on each eat that will display movies and TV shows, interesting, isn’t it? The same LCD will display safety instructions and passenger related information as well.
  7. Forget about torn reservation charts that you find in normal trains, in Tejas Express, you’ll find electronic ones, along with digital destination boards and Braille displays.
  8. Many a time’s people are pissed with dirty toilet; this train solves the issue. It will have hand driers, sensorised taps and bio-vacuum toilets.
  9. The speed of the train will be 130 kmph and it is said to be just like Shatabdi express.
  10. If it gains popularity on the Mumbai-Goa route, it will start operating on the Delhi-Chandigarh route too.