10 the Most Expensive Hobbies in the world you Should Try

Whenever people are asked about their hobbies, reading books, swimming, surfing the net, cycling, photography, and various other activities come up more than once. We engage in a hobby to relieve stress during our spare time.

Our hobbies are generally a source of happiness, so we do not hesitate to spend money on them. Nevertheless, let’s step out of the box and look at the hobbies that require thousands of dollars.

Do you intend to continue pursuing those interests?

Despite being wealthy enough to have such magnificent hobbies, here are the activities you would never spend money on if you were not rich.

1. Flying an RC Airplane

What an amazing experience it would be to build your remote-controlled aircraft. In terms of entertainment, this hobby includes everything that anyone might look for.

flying an rc green plane hobby

In order to build a plane that can fly, creativity and understanding are needed. Once you fly it successfully, you will rejoice, just like the Wright brothers did when they flew the plane for the first time.

If you get excited about this hobby and want to give it a try, you can buy a ready-to-fly RC plane for $100 to $200.

2. Travelling around the world

travel around the world lady with globe

There are many stories about people traveling around the world for a few dollars, but it is really tricky.

In addition, if you follow others’ advice, you will end up staying in substandard accommodations, eating limited food, and commuting within cities on  foot. Did you enjoy this trip? It does not.

Traveling around the world is a  luxury that only the wealthy can afford. In the travel experience, one can indulge in hotel amenities, gorge on exotic culinary delights, and easily commute to all sights to see. Furthermore, taking a trip around the world requires a long break, which is expensive and difficult to afford.

Approximately, the cost of travelling around the world could range between $20,000 and $30,000, but the exact amount would depend on your preferences.

3. Car Racing

car racing hobby

You shouldn’t think that car racing is a cheap hobby just because of the Fast and Furious movie franchise. If you wish to pursue car racing as a hobby, expect to spend a significant amount of money. Additionally, you will need reliable safety equipment, as car racing is a highly dangerous undertaking.

Your dream racing car and equipment can be yours for as little as $10,000 to as much as $100,000. A racer’s insurance cost would be $566.34 per month, so these expenses do not include life insurance.

4. Diving

Sky Diving

sky diving with colorful smoke hobby

Most people would like to skydive at least once in their  lifetime. When you are able to fly like a bird far beyond the world we are accustomed to, it is a magical experience. It is the adrenaline rush feelings that make some people keep on doing it over and over again. Thus, enjoying skydiving as a hobby is so popular that many wealthy people are prepared to pay extra to spend time in the clouds.

Comparing time to cost, it is expensive, spending about $2.5 per second, and can add up to $150 to $250 per minute. Even if you jump twice a week, you’ll still pay about $24,000 a year. In contrast, if you get yourself certified for $1500, you can be able to reduce the cost each year.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving with turtle image hobby

There is something enticing about exploring the world beneath you. You will be captivated by the colours and tranquility of marine life. You can enjoy scuba diving while on vacation.

A hobby can cost as little as $800, which includes $300 in certification and $500 in equipment, but only if you live near a scuba diving venue.

5. Luxury Car Collection

luxury cars collection hobby

Collecting cars is an extremely lucrative hobby worth millions of dollars. Rare antique cars, muscle cars, and sports cars are collected by people. The cost of collecting, managing, and storing a car collection is high.

Below are some examples of how much it will cost to collect your car.

YearCar ModelPrice
1937Bugatti Type 57S$4.4 Million
1961Ferrari California$10.8 Million
1954Mercedes Formula 1 Racing Car$29.6 Million

6. Exotic Pets

tiger as pet hobby

Dogs are no longer the only pets of rich people. Keeping exotic pets has become a popular hobby for the rich to improve their social status. Exotic creatures include white lion cubs, cheetahs, and octopuses. Foreign celebrities are more than willing to invest a lot of money in exotic pets.

Nicolas  Cage made headlines after purchasing an octopus for $150,000 in order to gain a greater understanding of other cultures and become a  better actor.

You can buy different kinds of exotic pythons and lizards online as make them as your pet.

In addition to celebrities, well-off people spend a great deal of money on this  hobby. A white lion cub will cost you about $140,000, and a cheetah cub will cost you about $314,500. Your expenses won’t end here. A license is also required to keep certain wild animals as pets.

7. Yacht Racing

yatch racing hobby

Are you interested in ruling the water world? This is what it is like to win a yacht race. Owning a yacht is an expensive deal, and you’d better have a gold bag to match. Depending on the luxuries, a yacht will cost anywhere from $ 2 million to $ 800 million. Yacht racing is a popular hobby among the rich, but it costs an extra $8 to $10 million to get it ready for racing. Although the cost of maintaining a yacht for this purpose is $100,000 per month.

8. Mountain Climbing

There is something for everyone in this hobby. While mountain climbing is an adventure sport that requires experience, those who are wealthy can see it as an opportunity to enjoy a thrilling experience that surpasses all the city’s pleasures and can enjoy without the difficulties of climbing. top and enjoy the excitement and scenery that is incomparable to all of the city’s pleasures.

Mountain climbing is not an inexpensive hobby if you factor in the costs of a guide, licenses, clothes, supplies, and other travel expenses. With a guide, climbing the seven summits will cost you more than  $170,000.