On Women’s Day, when the Woman is Celebrated, Ram Gopal Verma’s Tweets will make your Blood Curdle!

International Women’s Day is a day when women are celebrated, not for just fighting injustice in society to gain their status in society but also for the sacrifices she has made for the sake of her family. But, there are some who continue to malign the role of mothers and women in society and one such person is Ram Gopal Verma whose tweets on Women’s Day will make you grab your slippers to throw at him.

Ram Gopal Verma compared women on this day to Adult Actress Sunny Leone, comparing the sacrifices made by women to women to only pleasure their partners.

Sunny Leone was an accomplished actress before coming into Bollywood, but comparing women as only beings who should be present to stroke the ego of men by being an object of pleasure is demeaning and should be shunned by society.

He doesn’t stop there but also tells women to not nag men on such days and love them without reason and be given the freedom to do what they like.

He’s also said on another tweet that men have all the days in the year because they dominate the world and women can have only this day.

While keeping with his series of tweets he writes, that Women’s Day is more akin to men because men celebrate women more than women celebrate women.

These series of sexist remarks show the grave divide between men and women, at least in the eyes of everyday men. And this view should not be held by public figures which will affect the state of society.

That is exactly the reason when the acclaimed director trolled Tiger Shroff the “Baaghi” star did not think it was even appropriate for a reply on the topic.

Lets hope for the best for the director and hope that some sense prevails in his eyes.