4 Easy Methods to Make Your Video Go Viral

Getting your video to go viral is not an easy thing, but following certain steps and rules can make your video viral on youtube or any other hosting websites. For businesses, it is important that you create certain videos as part of your marketing campaign as this will get you some real buyers and conversions through your videos.

Many website owners and marketers are using videos to make their landing page more interesting, meaningful and hence earn some handsome money.

What will Make Videos a Viral Video?

There are many reasons your video could go viral. It depends on what video you are creating, what sentiments does it trigger and how you publicize the video. One of the simple tip is to use video submission websites such as youtube which can reach out to millions of viewers. Hosting your video is useful when you are creating a membership base, but increasing your reach of your video, using a video platform with billions of users, is a better choice. With the basic requirements of videos, you can try to understand the finer things which are required which are talked in this article.


Uniqueness matters a lot, try making a video which is unique. Who will be interested in an old-style video? Obviously, no one. All the users are searching for new-age videos. It is in this area that your creativity should work. Try to see many videos related to your niche and find what they lack in them and include them in your video.

Quality rules

As with the previous rule, quality is of high importance in creating a viral video. You should make time and dedicate it for video editing and make it of high quality. Try to make a quality one, by fixing small errors in your video, because no one likes to see off quality videos, and they ignore bad quality videos. So try to make a good first impression by tweaking your video and improving the quality of the videos.

You can hire a freelance video editor or ask some editor company to edit your video and let them do their work. If you create regular videos on a regular basis it is better that you can hire someone locally who can create a perfect work for you. None the less, emphasize more on your Video intro, as if it’s not interesting, most of the time visitor will not bother watching the complete video.

Title and Description

Most of us when we upload our videos to a video submission website get an information form to fill up and we leave it blank or do not fill out anything. Doing this can because you to lose some juice because title and description play a major role in terms of search engine traffic.

All this information need to be filled out, take some time and gather some keywords which you would want your video to contain and add it in title and description. Using Google keywords you can search for most relevant keywords and identify the competition and search volumes. For Youtube, always take advantage of tags and a catchy thumbnail for your image.

Make it Short and Informative

When it comes to youtube, you must have seen that smaller videos have greater views than large length videos. So make your video of shorter length. Small length is always good for getting much views and conversions. Also, it is seen that the users do not watch longer length videos as they do not have the time to spend on lengthy videos.

So these are certain tips you can use to make your videos viral. If you have any additional tips, don’t forget to add it in comments.