Trollers Made Fun of the Relationship between Virat and Anushka and She Gave them the Perfect Shut em up Reply!

If social media has given us an opportunity to share our feelings with the whole world, it has also brought us out in open, against some really nasty and weird persons who are also a part of this world. The only work that these nasty people have is to slam, threaten and insult others.

Not only common public but also celebrities and politicians have been targeted by these perverts. The term which is used for online bullying is trolling and nowadays, trolling seems to be a favorite pastime of many netizens.

Actress Anushka Sharma was also trolled when her rumored boyfriend and cricketer Virat Kohli was not able to perform well against Australia in the ODI World Cup semifinal match.

The trolling was so extreme that Kohli was forced to speak up in support of Anushka and he made it clear to everyone that she is a source of positivity for him.

During an event, Anushka, who is busy with her next movie entitled “Phillauri”, was asked about the social media trolling. When asked about her personal views on it, she had a befitting reply. Here’s what Anushka said,

“I think people should understand that the ones who talk like this, who troll you, are cowards. Trolling is an act of cowardice. And if the person is actually nice and is doing well and moving forward in life will have no time for these things. Only useless people have time for talking such senseless things.”

Well said Anushka!