Now It’s the turn of Anushka Sharma to Prove Authenticity of Construction at her Home in Mumbai!

In recent times, many celebrities have landed in troubles due to the BMC. Remember how Kapil Sharma’s issue was escalated? After him, it is Anushka Sharma who has been surrounded by a BMC controversy. Yes, the secretary of her building has complained to BMC against Anushka’s illegal construction.

Reports by leading dailies say that the secretary of her building in Versova Sunil Batra, has complained against Anushka because she has installed an electric junction box on the floor passageway.

Batra also accused her family of not following other society rules. On the other hand, the actress’ spokesperson has given clarification that nothing of this sort has happened. He has rubbished all those claims of Mr. Batra. He says,

“The actress owns three flats on the 20th floor, and all permissions since 2013 are in place, Anushka and her family is law abiding and responsible citizens and wouldn’t do anything to inconvenience or harm anyone.”

Her spokesperson further adds that all the necessary permissions were taken while installing the electric junction box. As of now, Sunil Batra has asked the actress to remove this box.

Batra says,

“The civic officials inspected the premises and found the electric junction box highly objectionable. They have asked the Sharmas to remove it.”

As a proof, Batra even shared the copy of that letter which the K Ward Assistant engineer (Building And Factory, BMC) sent. It read,

“To the owners/ occupiers of flat Nos 2001 and 2002, the installation of electric junction box in the common passage area of society is highly objectionable. You are directed to remove the box otherwise necessary action will be initiated as per the MMC Act.”