When a Pure Veg Restaurant Serves You Non-Veg Food To its Customer! What would you Do!

All of us have different food habits. Some eat vegetarian and some love to eat non-vegetarian and there are many who eat both.

In our country, we’ve options to eat both kinds of food in restaurants. The rule book says, that the menu should properly announce the kind of serving a restaurant gives. We are all aware of the significance of red and green dot in the menu and on the packaging of food products.

If there is a red sign, it means it’s made of non-veg ingredients and if it’s green, it means veg. This practice is done so that a person can determine the kind of food, before buying.

Apart from that, some exclusive veg and pure restaurants have been built in the country where all the vegetarians can go and eat without worrying about non-vegetarian ingredients at all. But what if you go to a vegetarian restaurant to relish your favourite food and after eating it, you find that it was not truly veg?

A facebook user Jay Paudyal reported similar case recently to the Delhi Police & Food and Drug Department and broadcasted it through Facebook live all over.

Jay Paudyal had gone to a Delhi’s Andhra Bhawan based famous veg restaurant along with his friends to enjoy their favorite South Indian Food. Not in his worst nightmare he woud’ve thought that the restaurant which claims to be a great escape for vegetarians will serve them a “bone” in the food.

They visited the restaurant took selfies with food and shared on FB without knowing it had non veg ingredients.

Just when they were ending up their meal, a bone was found in the dish which made them go crazy and caused vomiting to one of his friends.

In the live video he reported the whole case in front of the public and also showed the police came at the restaurant to note the case. A case under section 295 A has been filed against the restaurant.

Watch the video-