Infosys Co-Founder N Murthy Calls Indian Education System Faulty, Says 80% of Youth Untrained for Job

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If you know India, then you would know that there is a severe job crunch in the country. The problem according to Infosys Co-Founder Narayan Murthy is not with the lack of proper policies by the government to create jobs for people but with the youths of the country.

The Infy stalwart believes that the youngster lack the talent and education required to excel in the job scene. His blame primarily lies with the education system of the country, saying that 80% of youngsters are not properly trained for any job. He says that there is serious lack of talent in the country calling it a crunch.

Narayana Murthy was addressing at an interactive session at the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. He was quick to point out that the problem with the Indian Education System was with the emphasis on rote learning and not on real problem solving which is seriously affecting entrepreneurship.

He did emphasize that the government of India was doing their job in creating the right atmosphere for better entrepreneurship; the country is yet to create a positive startup atmosphere. He said –

“India is not at the forefront of the start-up culture. Compared with the US, UK, Germany or China, I don’t think we are anywhere close.”

During the interactive session, he conversed with the students and emphasized that the youth need to find a sector where they would like to be an entrepreneur and then think about entrepreneurship.

The next step according to the industry-veteran was to join a company and understand the working of human resources, sales and marketing and then giving the full dedication to the project.