Student Prepares Presentation on Mia Khalifa for School Project. Even She’ll Love it

High School, Junior College and University are incomplete without presentation. Students are scared till death of quizzes and exams, but when it comes to presentations they leave no stone unturned, and spend quality time on making the presentation.

But, when we think about presentations we think of boring, dull conversations happening between the presenter and teacher. One student from Trinity High School who redefined the meaning of boring presentations, which for most part just include charts, stats and other dull items to show.

This student did a presentation on her favorite Adult Actress “Mia Khalifa” and his name is Gaga Thomas. Yes! He actually did the unthinkable, in India it would be unheard of doing such a presentation, but he did it and that too with style and panache.

He gave complete information about Mia, and his presentation included slides of photos of her with information about her. He did the presentation and gave complete information about the lady and her work.

His presentation received lukewarm reviews on Reddit; some of the users were disappointed and some expected physical demonstrations too.

Have a look at the video of the presentation here: