Salman Khan Puts Rs 120 Crores Property on Rent! Here’s how much he has Rented it out for!

Salman Khan is undoubtedly among the highest earning actor in Bollywood. The No. 1 superstar gets his name placed in the list of Biggest Tax Payers of the country every year, thanks to the amount he earns through all his films, events and advertisements.

However, the philanthropist actor is always in search of new revenue sources so that his charity foundation Being Human can help as much of needy people as possible. Salman had said in an interview earlier that his father signs a lot of cheques due to which he has started working more these days.

Now, it has been reported by DNA that Salman has rented out one of his property that he bought in 2012 to construct his own commercial building. The said property of an area 2140 sq m is located in Linking Road, Bandra and has been given to Future Group, owner of Big Bazaar on a rent of 80 lakhs per month.

Reportedly, the whopping amount is only for the initial five years of the agreement, after which it will be increased to Rs 89.6 lakhs per month. Salman Khan has also taken Rs 2.4 crores from the group as a security deposit.

As per the report in DNA, the deal was signed last week at the registration office. And they even have a copy of the agreement. As Salman was not present to sign the deal, it was his father who signed it on his behalf.

Kishore Biyani of Future Group told DNA that he’s opening a food hall in the leased premises. The leased property includes a basement (609.35 sq m), lower floor (373.21 sq m), first floor (579.61 sq m) and second floor (578.54 sq m) of the building, which is yet to be named. The property has been leased for a period of 60 months.

The same property earlier was a society which had around 16 flats.

It was Salman who demolished it after buying. He started the construction of the new commercial building back in 2013-14. The occupancy was approved earlier this year. It is under Salman’s name that all the property permissions lie!