KXIP Fan Throws Hanky at Preity Zinta, Angers Her. Watch the Video

Preity Zinta is the Owner of the Kings XI Punjab, and even though the IPL Team has not been at the top of the standing or playing good enough she has shown intent and has always supported the team. It’s now in IPL XI Edition that the team has begin to show fruits of her patience and has made some important wins in the league and showing some potential.

In the recent match between KXIP and CSK was a nail biter and the KXIP team played really well. Despite an important innings played by MS Dhoni the CSK Team could not complete the total posted by KXIP and fell short by 4 runs in the end, losing the match.

The match was a success for the KXIP and Preity Zinta looked like she was enjoying the match till the end, but she got into an argument with a fan which made things weird for everyone.

It happened when Preity Zinta was distributing some Kings XI Punjab red jerseys to the fan, at the time one of the fan threw a handkerchief at her and she got irritated. Someone in the audience recorded the whole video of this whole incidence and the video went viral.

Have a look: