21 Inspirational Hollywood Movies for students and entrepreneurs to stay motivated

When we talk about inspirational Hollywood movies, many movies come into our minds. We all have different choices, different opinions yet our thoughts meet at a point that is life. If we talk about movies, they actually reflect our lives and sometimes we reflect them in our lives.
In 1906 the first movie was made. We consider this as the first movie as it was a multireel film. The name of the movie was ‘The Story of the Kelly Gang’ which was from an Australian production house. Since 1906 many feature films have been made.
In this article, we will mention the best 21 inspirational Hollywood movies. But before we mention the list of those movies, we would like to discuss a little on Inspirational movies.

Inspirational Hollywood movies Are;

based on true stories

The first thing that makes a movie inspirational is the simplicity of the story. And there is nothing so simpler than truth itself. If a movie is based on a true story, it will inspire the audience. As people always compare things, they will compare the story of the movie with their lives. If they find a little similarity, it will inspire them.

like true stories

The second important thing that makes a movie inspirational is how the movie is directed. If a movie is not based on a true story but seems like a true story, it may inspire the audience. In such circumstances, everything depends on the story writer, the director and the actors of the movie.

Intelligent and motivational movies

Last but not the least, if a movie is able to make the audience think, they might love to watch it again. Although in many cases audiences have disliked such movies yet these movies can be very effective in catching the mind of the viewer.

How We Choose 21 Inspirational Hollywood Movies?

In this article, we have chosen the best 21 inspirational Hollywood movies on the basis of their Story, Box office success, Audience reviews, and ratings from top film critics. So here is the list, check it now!

Inspirational Hollywood Movies List From 1 to 21

  1. The Shawshank Redemption-(Imdb-9.3/10) Year-1994
  2. Forrest Gump-(Imdb-8.8/10) Year-1994
  3. Seabiscuit-(Imdb-7.3/10) Year-2003
  4. The Aviator-(Imdb-7.5/10) Year-2004
  5. A Beautiful Mind-(Imdb-8.2/10) Year-2001
  6. The King’s Speech-(Imdb-8.1/10) Year-2010
  7. Saving Private Ryan-(Imdb-8.6/10) Year-1998
  8. Cinderella Man-(Imdb-8/10) Year-2005
  9. The Pursuit of Happiness-(Imdb-8/10) Year-2006
  10. Big Fish-(Imdb-8/10) Year-2003
  11. Lincoln-(Imdb-7.4/10) Year-2012
  12. Les Miserables-(Imdb-7.6/10) Year-2012
  13. Into the wild-(Imdb-8.2/10) Year-2007
  14. The Great Debaters-(Imdb-7.6/10) Year-2007
  15. The Book Thief-(Imdb-7.6/10) Year-2013
  16. Unbroken-(Imdb-7.2/10) year-2014
  17. Dead Poets Society-(Imdb-8/10) year-1989
  18. Invictus- (Imdb-7.4/10) year-2009
  19. Moneyball-(Imdb-7.6/10) year-2011
  20. Genius-(Imdb- 6.5/10) Year-2016
  21. The last Samurai-(Imdb-7.7/10) year-2003


There are hundreds of inspirational Hollywood movies that we can not mention all. You may find this list missing a few highly motivational Hollywood movies. But we have only attempted to prepare a list of Hollywood movies that we find inspiring. What do you think about this list of 21 inspirational Hollywood movies? Have we missed something? Please Do not forget to give your precious suggestions to help us improve our upcoming articles.