Canadian PM Challenges Chandler for Boxing Rematch But Chandler’s Sarcastic Reply Won the Internet!

It was a few weeks back when our very own sassy, Matthew Perry gloated about his past childhood and adolescent day.

He revealed almost boasting about how he had successfully beaten up the political heartthrob, Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, back then in their Canadian school years!

Well, up until now our heartthrob was pretty busy with his packed schedule of meetings and greetings of his political career. He still managed to make some time to reply, and we can definitely say that he isn’t quite that fond of our witty Chandler.

Justin Trudeau challenged Matthew Perry for a rematch, check out his tweet:

“I’ve been giving it some though, and you know what, who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler? How about a rematch @MatthewPerry?”

But if u think our sassy Chandler will back down from a fight, well you’re in for a toss because being the witty and epic Matthew Perry, all ends with sarcasm at its best!

Here is his reply to the tweet:

“I think I will pass at your request for a rematch kind sir (given that you currently have an army at your disposal)”