11 Reasons to Date a Chef, Isnt that Something You Would Love

Being a Foodie, and working your days around what you’re going to eat may be familiar with many of us. What makes Chef such an important commodity, is the flavor they add to your life, from the food you eat, to places you go too. Dating a Chef is added bonus to many, and I m going to List some Reasons for this in this article.
1. They Experiment Dishes, and even that taste’s better than our Gourmet DishesWhy to Date a Cook
2. You do not need to worry about finding a good place to eat. They know it allWhy to Date a Cook
3. They make mundane Dishes like Noodles, tastier when they Cook itWhy to Date a Cook
4. You can look forward to eating your Dabba At Work EverydayWhy to Date a Cook
5. There is always a nice smell in the HouseWhy to Date a Cook
6. They cook dishes which you never knew existed and do not know how to pronounce                         Why to Date a Cook
7. You never have to worry about Cooking anytimeWhy to Date a Chef
8. When you throw parties, you can stop worrying about Finger Food and DishesWhy to date a cook
9. You are the first person to taste the batter and the Cookies they MakeWhy to date a cook
10. You will know which Wine goes with which FoodWhy to date a cook
11. You will never miss Mother’s Home Cooked FoodWhy to date a cook