Deepika Sees Fashion when Others Don’t! Gets Brutally Trolled!

Fashion trends keep changing with time. People tend to follow their favorite actors/ actresses with regards to fashion; however, it’s not necessary that they may always be right. Sometimes their fashion sense goes horribly wrong and Ranveer Singh has been the best example of the same. Often, we see how he becomes the target of social media for his unusual and weird dressing sense.

Moreover, media also keeps reporting airport looks of several celebrities. This time we came across Deepika Padukone’s look and we can easily say that she too has been influenced by Ranveer Singh. Yes, her airport look is weirdest we can ever think of.

She sported a color block shirt and decided to pair it with denims. This combination might sound good, but let us tell you that it’s way too horrible. When you see the full picture, you will go WTF. Deepika chose a half pastel blue, half gingham print shirt and paired it with flared jeans (Something from 70s). This was definite not expected from her. Her glasses were not good either. Have a look at the picture.

Her shirt looked like 2 pieces of cloth joined together and her skirt like pants were even worse. And after seeing this Ranveer Singh side effect.