A girl stops MS Dhoni’s Hummer from moving through the streets which Crushed her Handbag, Here is the Reason Why!

Former Indian Cricket Captain MS Dhoni is more than just a cricketer, he is a celebrity and a brand, and there are millions of people who would do anything to get an autograph from him. This is exactly what happened to a girl when she wanted to get an autograph and a selfie with the captain.

The celebrity figure grows manifold when the captain is in his hometown. In recent times, his way was blocked at Ranchi’s Birsa Airport by the girl stopping him from going home from the airport.

Dhoni had been to Kolkata with the Jharkhand team for the Vijay Hazare Trophy match, when he came back to his hometown.

The fan who had identified him on the plane, was itching to ask for an autograph and she followed him to the parking lot and when Dhoni was moving to get out of the airport complex, she stood in front of his car. Nevertheless, her wish couldn’t be fulfilled because airport security officers came in between and took her away from his Hummer’s path.

Meanwhile, her handbag fell on the ground and was crushed under the Hummer, as per reports. The cricketer stretched his neck out of the car for ensuring whether all was okay.

It is not the first time that Dhoni’s Hummer has caught the attention of its colleague. Even when the New Zealand Team came to India Ross Taylor and Tom Latham were awestruck after seeing his Hummer.

Well, what we can say, let’s hope Stardom come with the right mix of crazy and cool.