32 date ideas for an unforgettable first or second date

So you’ve arranged a date with an attractive woman (nice, bro!). If you’re an average person (and not a psychopath), you’re a little nervous now.

You must be wondering where to go and what to do.

It’s good that you worry about it, because believe it or not, 99% of the dates are boring as death! And the problem is, women then conclude that you are boring too.

But don’t worry, with the right tips, it’s amazingly easy to stand out from the average German Dennis.

I promise: never again boring dates!

What you will learn in this article:

  • The 25 best date ideas that will give you a 1-0 lead
  • The worst dates that guarantee an uncomfortable atmosphere
  • How you differ from 99% of other men
  • The best date idea ever
  • Tips from a dating coach that will make all the difference

The difference between a “Soso” and a “Wow.”

You know that …

Most men make a giant mistake on their first date …

You go to a movie or a restaurant.

It’s the WORST thing you can do. It’s a considerable investment of time (and money), and you sit across from each other unchanged all evening.

The essential ingredient for a phenomenal date is VARIATION.

The essence of a good date is VARIATION. Make it your mission to do lots of different things, fill in the gaps with leisurely walks, and experience as much as possible in the given time.

This has many advantages:

  • When you go for a walk, it is less uncomfortable for her if she doesn’t know what to say
  • It’s easier to build in body contact
  • You offer her a rollercoaster of emotions, and THAT is what arouses her. Not boring conversations
  • The variation makes it seem like you’ve spent more time together

Let me give you an example of the ideal flow of a date:

  1. First, you go for a walk with her for ten minutes (this will let the nervousness go too)
  2. You reach the first place where you spend an hour or less
  3. You go to the next location for ten minutes and seek physical contact during this time
  4. You arrive at the second place, and you will feel more comfortable with each other by then
  5. On the way back you can build in body contact again (and kiss her)

But I will no longer keep you tortured. It’s time for original date ideas!

# 1: Tourist in your city

With the right mindset, you can experience your city as if you were on vacation. Send her a text message, something like:

“We’ve both lived here for a while now, and there are still so many things that we haven’t seen yet. It shouldn’t be this way. Let’s be tourists for a day and rediscover our city!”

Take a boat trip or a city tour on a tourist bus. If you live in New York, I have a mission for you: kiss her while you enjoy a great view of the city, which you can experience from the TV tower or the town hall on Marienplatz. Chill out together in the Olympic Park or discover exotic dishes on the Tollwood.

There are tons of significant events and places in your city, so it’s time to take advantage of them, my friend. 😉

Speaking of events …

# 2: Events in your city

There are all sorts of events in your city all year round, from folk festivals to concerts.

In Munich, for example, there is the “Blade Night” The streets in the center are cordoned off, and you can go on inline skates through the night. Great date!

# 3: pub crawl

I was once interested in a woman (she had beautiful, full lips) and thought it would be a good idea to check out the pubs in the old town with her.

I wrote to her beforehand via Whatsapp: “Hey, let’s do a pub tour tonight”. Of course, I meant “pub en tour” and was very surprised when my date showed up with flip flops and a backpack full of swimwear. She must have adjusted to a Kneipp bath. I don’t know why she didn’t question that either.

At least it made me familiar with the water treatment developed by Sebastian Kneipp.

We’re talking bar hopping, which is a fantastic date idea. You score if you take them to your favorite bar, where you also know the staff. Don’t stay in the same pub for more than half an hour—the more different the bars, the better.

#4: Karaoke

One of my buddies swears by karaoke dates. He makes himself an idiot when he loudly sings songs from the Backstreet Boys or “Barbie Girl” from Aqua.

But he impresses the women with his easy manner on stage. It’s a combination of vulnerability and not taking yourself too seriously that is so appealing to women.

The other day I tried the same thing, and I can confirm his date idea with a very successful date.

Pro tip: Make sure YOU start singing and take the lead.

I picked “This Love” from Maroon 5, jumped on stage, and ROCKED the shit. Okay, vocally, it was a disaster, But I did it with conviction and impressed my date with it. Then she wanted to sing “Fix You” by Coldplay. My first thought was: why such a sad number? But you know what? She could sing incredibly well.

Now imagine if she had started, then I would have stood like an idiot who can’t sing.

So I was the confident guy who doesn’t take himself that seriously. Otherwise, I would have just stood there like an idiot who can’t sing.

# 5: petting zoo

It’s totally unusual. Two adults, petting a baby goat among a horde of young children.

Women usually love animals (if not, RUN!) And it will awaken the little girl in her. Your animal-loving side will leave a lasting impression.

# 6: Deluxe restaurant in budget

You might be thinking: “But man, I thought we shouldn’t go out for dinner!”

Could you hear me out, young lad? There is one small exception!

What’s the best thing about a meal? Right! The dessert 😉

After a walk, you can say something like:

“I know such a fancy restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere. You must have been there once! Let’s have a look for a dessert and a drink. “

As long as you stick with a dessert and a drink, you should have a great time there for little money. And the lady has something to show off in front of her friends. 😉

# 7: go for a walk

Do you have a dog? Great. Put the little mutt on a leash and let him be your wingman. Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, so he’ll help you rip off the chicks too. 😉

Pro tip: If you don’t have a dog, take her to an animal shelter and take a dog for a little tour from there. The animal shelters welcome people to walk the dogs. So you not only have an excellent date but also have done a good deed.

# 8: billiards

You may be beginning to realize that moving dates are good dates.

The more you move, the less time you have to be nervous.

Playing pool is a classic among dates. It’s easy to build in physical contact and playfully tease her. With a mischievous smile, say something like:

“You have to work a little harder if you want to defeat me.”

#9: Casino

My casual cousin (someone you would never expect in a casino) once said to me after a game of “risk”: “Let’s go to the casino!”

The place isn’t just for high rollers and gambling addicts. And you don’t have to set your future firstborn to “red” right away.

It’s all about you gamble something with her. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s fun and shouldn’t cost a lot. Don’t spend all night there. Play a few games, have a drink, and move on.

# 10: Shopping & Cooking 2.0

Shopping is more suitable as a second or third date. Preferably go to an organic market (that’s more interesting than a Target and choose your groceries there).

One way to get her excited about it beforehand is to write to her that you came across an incredibly good recipe and that she must have tried it. Of course, you can practice the recipe beforehand.

Pro tip: Build a lot of body contact when cooking together and turn up good music. This provides perfect conditions for possible sex. Use it wisely.

#11: Comedy

Laughing together is a balm for the soul. Or to put it less poetically: Definitely a fun evening.

Humor is one of the best remedies for nervousness. Before doing this, make sure it’s a short program. Preferably 30-60 minutes with different comedians.

# 12: Picnic 2.0

An ordinary picnic date is boring and probably copied from a Hollywood romcom. I have a better suggestion: the instant picnic date.

Don’t let them know about anything beforehand. Take a 10-minute walk as described above and go to a supermarket, where you can quickly buy some bread, cheese, and olives (extra points for a one-way grill and meat). Of course, you have a blanket in your backpack.

Pro tip: A real man will have a Frisbee with him. That brings pep and fun to the date!

# 13: storytelling evening

You can find them almost everywhere in the US. Behind this is a straightforward idea: You meet total strangers and tell stories from your life. There are comfortable sofas, bean bags, and tea. If you’re lucky, they even have a hippie pumpkin soup.

Of course, you shouldn’t just participate passively, but tell a story yourself. Delight your date and everyone else with the crazy adventures you’ve been on!

# 14: bike tour

There are beautiful routes, almost everywhere, for a lively bike tour. Take two apples and water. You may be wondering where to take her to. Here are top bike tour destinations:

  • A lake in which to cool off
  • The best viewpoints in your city
  • A beer garden

Don’t forget: YOU are the leader.

#15: Minigolf

I’m always amazed at how something that looks so boring on the outside can be fun when you play it yourself.

Playfully challenge her and laugh with her about how many attempts you need to get that damn ball into that stupid hole.

#16: Bowling

I can’t lie to you: I’m a total skunk at bowling. But no one has ever resented me for that.

Many bowling facilities are open late and play good music. There are again many opportunities for possible physical contact!

# 17: flying a kite

Chances are she hasn’t done this in years, but somehow misses it. This date can be combined well with a picnic.

# 18: dance class trial workout

The best dances like salsa, bachata, or tango, in which the tension between man and woman plays a central role. There are many dance schools, especially here in Munich. A trial training session is free in most cases, and it should only be a one-time fun thing.

Don’t worry, neither of you has to be able to dance. If you both can’t, it makes the whole thing even funnier and more personable.

# 19: swimming pool

Swimming, chilling in a hot pool, diving each other.

One advantage of this date is that you can check out her body and find out if you still like her without makeup. 😉

# 20: The Picasso-Date

Take a brush in your hand and create a painting together—the crazier and more expressionistic, the better.

A little purple here, a small green there, It doesn’t have to make sense. What matters here is the fun of being an artist.

You may find that all of the dates mentioned so far have something in common. It’s time to talk about an essential factor:

The most critical date tip

Take off Nobody wants to be put in the “he’s like any other guy” drawer.

Take them with you into YOUR world. A world in which you feel good about yourself and which fits your personality.

I am a little hippie. I love nature, forests, mountains, and guitar sounds around a campfire. That’s why I like to meet the women in the English Garden, jump into the Eisbach, or drink cheap canned beer with them on the Isar.

I would be wrong to go to a museum or go shopping with her. Not that it’s a bad idea. But these are just places I can’t do anything with.

As a bonus, there are a few more date ideas that you shouldn’t take too seriously.

Romantic dates

One often reads today that romance doesn’t work for women. To a certain extent, I agree with that. But romance is often mistaken for cheesy bullshit.

Going on a first date with chocolates and flowers, that’s romantic in a Hollywood production.

But my opinion is this: men could be much more romantic and place more value on a deep connection. 

You can stand out enormously in this way and win the heart of a top woman.

What are the best romantic tips to seduce a woman?

To answer this question, we must first define what romance is. Everyone has their own definition, but for me it is: Striving for a woman.

And that’s something special, especially in this age of smartphones, Tinder and speed dating.

Ultimately, this is about:


That doesn’t mean you have to struggle for them. The little things make the difference.

# 21: hide a bottle of wine in the bushes

If you have a date with her, you will score if you have a little surprise in store for her. In summer, you can hide a bottle of wine and a corkscrew in the bushes near a nice bench. When taking a walk, you lead them to this point and say with a wink:

“Well, here is a bottle of red wine in the bushes. No idea where it comes from! “

You definitely shouldn’t surprise her with something too often, but she will fly on you if you do it now and then.

# 22: Romantic night picnic with candles

Candles and a blanket, that’s all you need. Here you are now, she’s wearing a great summer dress, and a lukewarm wind brushes your skins. It’s a shame that it’s not always summer, isn’t it guys?

Pro tip: This is an excellent opportunity to get them massaged. And think of another blanket in case it gets too cold at night. This is the perfect “excuse” to get closer. 😉

# 23: forest hike

Go out into nature with her. Take her by the hand and be creative. For example, you can teach her meditation on a beautiful meadow, or you can do yoga exercises together.

Ask her if she’s ever slept under the stars.

Showing her that way in nature leaves a lot more impressive than inviting her to eat in a fancy restaurant.

Pre-Date SMS

Again: strive for them.

Information such as birthdays, planned trips, exam times, job interviews, 

Write it all down.

You can’t imagine how pleased she is with a warm message before an important presentation.

Write something like:

“Good luck with your presentation. You will blow them all away with your charisma anyway; I’m sure of that;) “

When she is about to travel, you can write to her:

“Have a lot of adventures! Germany will miss you. 😉 

The key to the success of such a message is not expecting anything in return. Give her these nice words unconditionally.

Another romantic text message is a serious, not too slimy compliment. Be original.


  • I like it when I make you smile so much that your little cheeks can’t hold it anymore. 
  • After a date: “I had a lot of fun today. The more I get to know you, the more I realize that you are not that bad at all;) “
  • In the morning: “Good morning. Rise and Shine! Feel hugged. Maybe I would even bring you a coffee in bed today if you are nice :)”

Only write these things occasionally and in moderation so that she never knows when you will be romantic next. That way, it stays exciting for her, and she cherishes every romantic moment with you.

Only do this with women you like and seriously want. She will likely develop feelings for you, so use all of these wisely. If you just want her for bed (which is perfectly okay) but give her false hopes through romantic messages, then you deserve the kick in the balls she is likely to give you.


You are a man—a hero who enjoys his life and goes on adventures. Then you can have a nice girl by your side, don’t you think?

What follows are original, adventurous date ideas that she will never forget.

#24: Zorbing

I know you’re probably thinking now, what the heck is zorbing?

You’re in a big plastic ball rolling down a mountain. That sounds awesome on its own, but imagine it for two.

The adrenaline pumps through your veins, and you feel alive. Now you can end it all with a passionate kiss and Boom! a successful date!

#25: Wakeboarding

In case you don’t know it yet: It’s kind of like snowboarding on the water. When I tried it for the first time, I was amazed at how fucking fun it was. Chances are high; the woman has never done it before.

Write something like, “Hey, have you ever been wakeboarding? 

If she answers “no” good news can look like this:

You must have tried that out in your life. What is your schedule this week? 

She will connect this first, marvelous experience with you forever.

# 26: water skiing

The same principles apply here. These dates can be ideally combined with a picnic or a swim or sunbathing afterward. One advantage of water skiing is that you can see each other in a tight neoprene suit. 😉

# 27: Canoeing

It’s one of my favorite dates. Find out where you can do this in your city. It is best to walk a long distance along a river. Of course, make sure you’re in the same boat.

As a man, it’s an excellent opportunity to show what a good leader you are. It’s adventurous and sexy!

# 28: Laser tag

Lucky! is there is a laser tag arena in your city. Barney Stinson knows what is good. Team up against a bunch of young children and fight for survival. You would be amazed if you knew how much this experience connects two people.

Just test it yourself.

#29: Escape-Game

Perhaps not everyone knows that either. Let me explain it to you briefly: There are two of you locked in a room, and to get out you have to solve all kinds of puzzles.

So you can already check out whether you would make a good team.

Secretly great cliché dates

Yes, they are usually dull. But cliché dates are cliché dates for a reason. With the right approach, the secret ingredient “variation,” and your charm, they can be excellent.

# 30: eat in the dark

A pitch-black room where you have to trust your senses. Through this unusual situation, you get to know each other on a different level.

Show her how well you can handle the situation, and she will feel that no matter where she is safe with you, and will have a lot of fun.

# 31: feed the ducks

This date can also be perfectly combined with a picnic. Women like men who love animals. Realize that ducks shouldn’t overeat bread. So toss them the shredded fruit that you have leftover from your picnic. Ducks also love oatmeal.

Now is an excellent opportunity to sit on a bench with her and get closer to her. 😉

# 32: Worst Movies Marathon

You. You. The worst movies ever. And a lot of popcorn. (You will have a lot of space for conversation and touch.