10 Must-Do Things For Couples

Being into a relationship and staying a happy couple are two very different things. So we thought of giving you guys your very own bucket list that you must do together as a couple:

Keep that spark between you two alive by the sweetest gestures that you can do for each other. Just grab her hand while walking together or give her surprise kisses. Those gooey things are actually sweet.
Write/ leave each other sweet post-its before leaving for work or may be in the pockets of the pants. This way you ensure that you two are in each others minds though not together.
Cooking together is a perfectly good enough romance tactic that keeps things lively and mushy. Those sweet kitchen make outs and the feeling of him grabbing your waist from behind as you stir the veggies together.
Stay up all night with each other and talk together endlessly. Discuss things that really matter to you both, ask each other life questions, share your philosophies and just enjoy the moment.
Travel together. Pick a destination of your choice which you both decide mutually and at least once take an outstation trip to some place where you two are alone and can spend some quality time together.
Have a song. Think of a song that you both absolutely love and dedicate it to each other. Pretty much like My Best Friend’s Wedding. This could be your forever song so choose wisely.
Be adventurous and think of a scandalous place to make love to each other. This place should be a little inaccessible and that factor will keep the excitement and you two on your toes all time.
Learn a skill together. It could be anything starting from salsa dance lessons to learning French together as long as its you two who are doing it with each other.
Kiss in the rain. There is nothing more romantic than being on the terrace of your house while its raining and you both are trenching in the rain waters and then share a fully cute-sy romantic kiss with each other. I mean that’s a dream!