Cast of Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Netflix .

The brand new Season of Too Hot to Handle is ready to go live on Netflix. In the Season 4 Hot and young people are ready to try their luck with Lana.

It involves a group of saucy singles who are forced to stay abstinent for several weeks in a tropical villa for a chance to win a grand prize. This time, the singles think they’ve signed up for Wild Love with Saved By the Bell’s Mario Lopez to keep the rule of no se*ual touching a surprise.

Release date for Too Hot To Handle season 4

On Wednesday 7th December, Netflix will premiere the new season of Too Hot To Handle. Season 4 will premiere on the streamer on the 7th, followed by the final five on the 14th.

Cast of Too Hot To Handle season 4

Singles who will appear on Too Hot To Handle – or rather Wild Love, a fake dating show they think they signed up for – have been announced.

Here is the full list of season 4 contestants abstaining from se*ual contact for a chance to win:

1. Brittan (@Brittan_Byrd)

Age: 22

Hometown: Hawaii, USA

Occupation: Model

Instagram: @Brittan_Byrd

Brittan Byrd Hawaii USA  too hot to handle Season 4

Brittan Byrd is a 22 years old model from Hawaii, USA. She has the most number of Instagram followers among this year’s participants. She has donned the cover of magazines like Modern Luxury & Zephyr Magazine.

2. Creed ( @CreedMckinnon )

Age : 24

Hometown: Perth, Australia

Occupation : Entrepreneur

Instagram : @CreedMckinnon

Known as the co-founder of Versaware Technologies, mindful eating driven by nutrition, Creed McKinnon is a well-known Australian entrepreneur, television personality, and social media star. Hypesight Marketing Agency represents him.

3. Dominique (@DominiqueDefoe)

Age: 23

Job: Student

Instagram : @DominiqueDefoe

Hometown: Colorado, USA

The American television personality Dominique Defoe gained fame after participating in the dating competition Too Hot to Handle (Season 4), which will premiere on Hulu on December 7, 2022.

4. Jawahir (@JawahirKhalifa)

Age: 22

Job: Model

IG Handle: @JawahirKhalifa

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

A Dutch fashion model and television personality, Jawahir Khalifa made her professional television debut with Too Hot to Handle Season 4, a Netflix dating show which will debut on December 7, 2022.

5. James (@JamesPendergrass_)

Age: 23

Job: Student and PT

IG Handle: @JamesPendergrass_

Hometown: Hawaii, USA

Known for his love of parties, sense of humor, and irresistible charisma, basketball star James Pendergrass makes the most of his single status by partying it up in Hawaii.

6. Kayla (@KaylaRichart)

Age: 22

Job: Model

IG Handle: @KaylaRichart

Hometown: Los Angeles, USA

Kayla Richart is an American model and reality TV star. She became known to the general public when she appeared in the fourth season of Netflix’s dating show Too Hot to Handle (Season 4). Since she is stunning on the outside and inside, she is always the center of attention, and she has no problem stepping on someone’s toes if she loves them.

7. Nick (@NickKici)

Age: 28

Job: Artist

IG Handle: @NickKici

Hometown: Michigan, USA

Nick Kici is one of the most popular American actors who is recognized for his outstanding acting skills. Due to his talents, Nick is well-known in the entertainment industry. Also, he has performed for numerous brands, marketing agencies, and publications.

8. Nigel (@NigelEuro_)

Age: 29

Job: Entrepreneur and Model

IG Handle: @NigelEuro_

Hometown: New Jersey, USA

An American entrepreneur and model, Nigel Jones rose to fame after appearing on the dating reality show Too Hot to Handle (Season 4). Netflix will premiere the series on December 7, 2022. Nigel Jones was born in New Jersey in 1993.

9. Seb (@SebMelrose)

Age: 24

Job: Racing Driver

IG Handle: @SebMelrose

Hometown: Glasgow, UK

A British racing driver, entrepreneur, and television personality, Sebastian Melrose is used to cutting off relationships with women the morning after a party. Up until now, his success has been largely attributed to his piercing blue eyes and babyface.

10. Sophie (@SophieStonehouse)

Age: 22

Job: Event Manager

IG Handle: @SophieStonehouse

Hometown: Brighton, UK

A British television personality and digital creator, Sophie Stonehouse is set to appear on the fourth season of Netflix’s dating show Too Hot to Handle (Season 4), premiering on December 7, 2022.