20 Superb Quotes from Ozark Netflix Series

  • Money is not peace of mind, money is not happiness, Money is, at its essence that measures of a man choices.
  • In our world its good to be one of the smart ones.
image Netflix: Ozark
  • By announcing yourself in the front they won’t be watching the back.
  • Del- A man who only talks business is failed in all aspects of life.
  • Del- The best smack talk? No talk at all.
  • Del- Integrity my friend is the shield to greed and vanity.
  • Del- I am a man of charity, you know that of me. But helping the less fortunate is not my primary motivation.
  • Mr. Snell- Tricky thing combining work and marriage, but a blessing when it works.
  • Marty- People make choices, Wendy. Choices have consequences.
  • You look close enough, there’s always dirt.