List of Top 10 World Economies in year 2017. India’s Rank will Make you Happy

The World Bank has updated the list of the top 10 World Economies based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nations. It has placed India in the sixth place on the basis of the GDP and India has managed to push France to the seventh position. After quarters of slowdown, India has managed to bounce back in July 2017. 

According to the data launched by World Bank, India’s Gross Domestic Product has been shown at $ 2.597 trillion which is higher than France’s GDP at $ 2.582 trillion. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 economies of the world on that basis. 

  1. United States of America 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 19,390,604 

2. China 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 12,237,700 

3. Japan 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 4,872,137 

4. Germany 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 3,677,439 

5. England 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,622,434 

6. India 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,597,491 

7. France 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,582,501 

8. Brazil 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 2,055,506 

9. Italy 

GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 1,934,798 


GDP (Millions of US Dollars) – 1,653,043 

Ronaldo Leave Real Madrid and Joins This Club for Rs 956 Crore

Cristiano Ronaldo has proved time and time again that he is the greatest player of all time and he has done that at both club and country level. After crashing out of the world cup, he has put his eyes on more regional competitions. He has decided to leave Real Madrid and join Juventus FC for a high fee. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to leave Real Madrid, a team where he spent most of his adult life, almost 9 years and has decided to leave for Juventus FC for a record fee of Rs 956 Crore and people are celebrating now in Turin. 

Ronaldo who had achieved paramount success at Real Madrid, capturing 4 Champions League title has decided to leave the city, club and fans and head to Turin as he had a misunderstanding with Real Madrid head Florentino Perez and has signed a 4-year deal with Juventus. 

The Player said this to the news, “Time has come to open a new stage in my life, that’s why I asked to club to accept tranferring me.” 

An official statement was released, which said that, 

Real Madrid would like to communicate that we have listened to the wish and request expressed by player Cristiano Ronaldo and have agreed to his transfer to Juventus FC” 

It further reads, 

“Today Real Madrid wants to give thanks to a player who has demonstrated he is the best in the world and who marked one of the most brilliant periods in the history of our club and world football” 

On the other hand, Ronaldo thanked the fans, the club, and the city for always supporting him through his time in Real Madrid. 

Google Offered this 22-yr old a Package of Rs 1.2 Crore. Know More about it

Professionals from our country are doing good in all walks of life, whether it be in IT, medicine, engineering or business and management. As the years move forward we see more and more examples of Indians who are doing well in their field and excelling in all walks of life. 

There has been another engineering grad who is now going to be paid a whopping Rs 1.2 crores from Google for joining their workforce and showing his talent. 

We are talking about Aditya Paliwal who is a 22 year old engineering grad from the integrated M-Tech from International Institute of Information Technology – Bangalore (IIIT-B). 

On Sunday, there will be a convocation ceremony at the institute and the esteemed faculty will be providing Aditya with the degree which will allow him to travel to the US and join Google on July 16th. He will be working in the Artificial Intelligence wing of Google in New York. 

Aditya is from Mumbai and the first time he made it big was when he was one of the 50 who got selected out of 6000 candidates to clear Google’s test which was conducted on Artificial Intelligence. 

Along with teammates Simran Dojania and Shyam KB, Aditya reached the finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) in 2017-2018. It is considered as one of the most esteemed competition for computer programmers and was attended by 50,000 contestants from 3098 universities from 111 nation. 

Aditya in an interview told TOI, 

“I was got this offer in March and I was waiting for it. I am really happy and I hope to learn as many things as I can during my tenure at Google.” 

Talking about his 5-yr stay in Bengaluru when he was finishing up his studies, here’s what he had to say, 

“Overall, it was a very good experience. My teachers encouraged me to do better and also supported the innovative ideas. My seniors also played crucial role.”

Apart from studies he likes to follow Cricket and Football and also loves to drive. 

These Two South African Cricketers Of the Same Gender Got Married

Love is in the air for two South African Cricketers as they have just got married to each other in an official ceremony in South Africa. 

On Saturday Dana van Niekerk, who is the captain of the South African Cricket Team got married to her teammate Marizanne Kapp who is a fast bowling all-rounder. They have played together for years and made their international debut in Cricket World Cup 2009 and played their first matches in a space of just 2 days. 

Dana van Niekerk made her debut against West Indies on March 9, and Marizanne Kapp made her debut on March 10, against the Australian side. Before them, Amy Satterthwaite and Lea Tahuhu got married last year. 


The announcement of the wedding was made through Marizanne Kapp’s instagram account and that being said the wedding was graced by most of the South African Cricket Team. 


A post shared by Marizanne Kapp (@kappie777) on

The two players are important part of the cricket team and have proved their mettle with the bat as well as the ball. They have played 82 ODIs and 56 T20i’s between themselves and will definitely be continuing their journey in international cricket in the future. 

Ranbir Kapoor is Paid this Whopping Amount for “Sanju” and he is worth every penny

The Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanjay Dutt biopic “Sanju” is out and people are loving it. There is so much admiration being played out in the movie halls on the depiction of the life of Sanjay Dutt. The movie has already crossed the 200 crores mark and is going to rake in more money as the days go on. 

And there is one thing which kept the movie from going down, it was Ranbir Kapor’s acting and his depiction of the movie star from the start of the movie. It is said that he put 2 years into the making of the persona of the movie and sat for 6 hours continuous makeup to fit into the role of Sanju. 

Sanjay Dutt’s life has been a controversy from the get go, but people are loving the movie and understand the love behind it by Rajkumar Hirani which has made it an instant box-office success. 

As we are talking about stars let us talk about Ranbir Kapoor. He has been paid a whopping Rs 25 crores for the movie and has made it his own with his acting and potrayal of Sanjay Dutt. His power packed performance and life like depiction of Sanjay Dutt has set the expectations high for his next movie and kept him in the limelight for years to come. 

Journalist Asked Rajkumar Hirani about Sanju Success. You can’t miss his Reply

The latest movie about the Sanjay Dutt Biopic Sanju has hit the screen and people are loving it. The movie tells the inside story of Sanjay Dutt which people have been dying to know for years and it has been achieving major success at the box-office in the first week it was out. 

The movie has already grossed more than 200 crores in the first 7 days and people are dying to know the reaction of the director. There are several audiences who are angry at the producers for creating a clean image and whitewashing the image of Sanjay Dutt through the movie, but the love for the movie far outways the hate.


Ranbir Kapoor has played the role of Sanjay Dutt to the point and the director Rajkumar Hirani’s potrayal of the story has made him an instant hit with the audience. 

Recently, the director Rajkumar Hirani was asked for his reaction to the success of Sanju and this is what he had to say about the movie. Speaking to ETimes, he had a very humble reply to give in response to the movie success- 

“I am thankful to the viewers who’ve embraced the film and made it their own. All I can say is that I feel blessed. There is no mantra. You just have to make a film and hope that people like it. At this moment, I can only be thankful to the viewers who have embraced the film and made it their own, because before the release of the movie, we all were nervous. It was an exam-like feeling. When a filmmaker makes a film, he wants that the audience likes it. I was waiting for reactions and now I feel very good that people have made it their own.” 

Celebrities whose Alcohol Addiction Ruined their Careers and Lives

The glitz and glamour of the industry is such a great high that many love it and become stars in Bollywood. And there are many who wish to make a name in the industry and live their whole lives following and loving such stars. But the glitz and glamour is only for the ones watching it from the outside. Actors in the industry are exposed to such a dark reality that it is hard for them to live their lives without consuming alcohol. This is one the hardest truths about Bollywood. Many stars have alcohol addiction which they have confessed about. Here’s a list of Bollywood stars who have ruined their career because of the alcohol addiction.

  1. Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay has himself confessed about his alcohol addiction which he suffered for 9 years. His addiction has cost him a loss. His struggle and battle with drugs and alcohol is also portrayed in his biopic movie.

  1. Dharmendra

Veteran Actor Dharmendra has confessed that he was addicted to alcohol for a  long time. During the promotional event of Yamla Pagla Deewana, the actor confessed that the alcohol has ruined his career.

  1. Honey Singh

He was at the pinnacle of perfect stardom when rapper-cum-singer Honey Singh ruined his career with this alcohol and drug addiction. He was also at a rehabilitation center sometime back. After having proper medication, he confessed about his addiction in public. He said, “I must confess that I was bipolar and an alcoholic.”

  1. Pooja Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt’s loving daughter Pooja Bhatt is also recovering from alcohol. It was her father who compelled her to change her lifestyle.

  1. Parveen Babi

Yesteryear’s actor had a tragic life. Her addiction not only ruined her career but also took her life.

  1. Meena Kumari

In the film Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam (1962), Meena Kumari played the role of a depressed alcoholic wife. She was highly appreciated for the role. However, after her divorce she did become an alcoholic and later depressed. She became an alcoholic and died from liver cirrhosis at the age of 40.

  1. Rajesh Khanna


Rajesh Khanna was addicted to alcohol so much so that he was hitting the bottle every day and every night with his colleagues. His addiction ultimately resulted in a liver damage.

  1. Manisha Koirala

There were reports that her marriage with her husband Samrat Dahal failed, after which the actress surrendered herself to alcohol.

  1. Kapil Sharma

This actor affected himself so much so that his alcohol addiction made him to cancel many of the shows for his hit television show.


Bigg Boss 12 Makers Got the First Contestant? Here are the Details

Bigg Boss 12 edition is going to start in a few weeks from now and things have started to heat up. The program is such a hit that there have been Bigg Boss shows being produced in various languages including Marathi, which is running with great popularity right now. And who is going to say anything about that, the show is getting an amazing response from audiences for every season which it has been running.

One thing which Bigg Boss Season 12 promises is more controversy and a higher dose of entertainment. For this they are getting controversial contestants who have a liking to get into arguments and fights with other people.

Uttarakhand’s government school teacher, Uttara Pant Bahugana who came into limelight recently for getting in an argument with the Chief Minister and was suspended later has been approached for BB12. However, she has refused the offer.

Uttara herself confirmed the news to ANI and said –

“I had received a call from the makers of Bigg Boss yesterday, but I refused the offer. I just want to run my household & take care of my children”

Sanju 5th Day Collections Out & Even the Makers Would Not Have Expected Such Awesome Figures

Rajkumar Hirani’s “Sanju” which is the biopic of actor Sanjay Dutt and stars Ranbir Kapoor in the titular role is going great on the box-office, breaking many recors and beating all the three Khans.

The film has received great reviews from critics and viewers alike and there seems to be no stopping for the flick any sooner. It is already a blockbuster and took the box-office to storm on its opening day only with a collection of whopping Rs 34.75 crore with which it has become the biggest opener of the year.

It improved significantly on the second day and earned Rs 38.60 crore while on the first weekend, it minted Rs 46.71 crore and entered 100 crore club, becoming the highest first weekend earner of 2018. Needless to say, it has set people’s expectations very high and despite the fact that Monday was a working day, the flick managed to collect Rs 25.35 crore.

It has been running successfully and the figures are awesome even on the fifth day, i.e., Tuesday, as “Sanju” made a collection of huge Rs 21.50 crore, totaling the earning to Rs 166.91 crore (as per the early estimates).

Day 1 – Rs 34.75 crore

Day 2 – Rs 38.60 crore

Day 3 – 46.71 crore

Day 4 – Rs 25.35 crore

Day 5 – Rs 21.50 crore

Total – Rs 166.91 crore

Bollywood Celebrities and their Unbelievable Expensive Gifts from their Directors

A director controls the artistic and dramatic aspects of the screenplay. Apart from the role of a director, they also oversee a film by becoming a producer. A director even acts as a mentor sometimes. Some of the actors share a personal equation and relationship with these directors. Actors change a monetary fee and sometimes even work for free for their loved friends. The directors and actors express their love by gifting each other expensive gifts. Here is a list of 10 Bollywood directors who gave amazing gifts fo Bollywood actors.

  1. Rohit Shetty to Ajay Devgn

Rohit gifted Ajay Devgn a modified sports car which costs 1 crore.

  1. Rohit Shetty to Ranveer Singh

Rohit also gifted the actor Ranveer Singh a swanky watch worth 8 Lakhs.

  1. Ramesh Sippy to Amitabh Bachchan

Ramesh gifted the bungalow Jalsa to the Big B of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan. He accepted it as a payment for starring in Satte Pe Satte.

  1. Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Deepika Padukone

Sanjay gifted Deepika Padukone her jauhar outfit which she had donned in the film Padmaavat. It costs around 20 Lakhs.

  1. Vidhu Vinod Chopra to Amitabh Bachchan

The ace director gifted Amitabh  Bachchan a Rolls Royce worth 3 crores.

  1. Karan Johar to Katrina Kaif

Karan gifted Katrina a cool new Ferrari after she danced to Chikni Chameli in Agneepath for free.

  1. Karan Johar to Alia Bhatt

KJo also gifted the beautiful Alia Bhatt an expensive clutch.

  1. Sajid Nadiadwala to Salman Khan

The director gave Salman a Rolls Royce worth 3 crores.

  1. Aditya Chopra to Rani Mukherjee

Before their marriage, Aditya gifted an Audi worth 1.25 crores to Rani.

  1. Vipul Shah to Akshay Kumar

Vipul gifted Khiladi Kumar a 1975 vintage watch worth 18 Lakhs.