51 Cool Face Mask Caption for Instagram during Corona Virus Pandemic

Looks like we will have to wear a face mask for a while now. So, why not stay trendy with these witty mask captions for Instagram.

FaceMask Quotes for Instagram

  • Does anyone have tips for flirting while wearing a face mask?”
  • Covid is spooky, wear a mask.
  • learn how to smile with your eyes.
  • Ain’t no f**kin with Corona.
  • No makeup needed.
  • Safety, but make it fashion.
  • So no one told you, your life was gonna be this way?
  • Mask chic.
  • Smile with your eyes!
  • Beauties, please be safe. But with style.
Pandemic, but make it fashion mask quote instagram girl in mask

Bad-Ass Instagram Caption

  • Love is in the air, but so is corona-virus. 
  • Corona fashion.
  • Heros wear a mask.
  • Let’s pray for the time when we remove these masks.
  • Smile even when no one can see.
  • I am smiling, I swear.
  • I have a very nice pout under this mask.
  • Did you know that a true smile is also transmitted through the eyes?
  • Think of how much you will save on facial sunscreen.

“I’m starting to think this mask is a part of me now.”

Pandemic, but make it fashion.

“If you would have told me a year ago that we’d all be wearing face masks, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

Stay safe with style.

“On my way to meet up with my besties, quarantine style.”

“These days I only do my makeup on the top half of my face.”

Who said that make up can’t be fun cause of the masks? Time to improve your eyeliner game & focus on your beautiful eyes and brows. Ohh and learn some cute hairstyles as well!!!

“Is it just me, or is it creepy that we get to walk into banks wearing face masks now and no one blinks an eye?”

Tell me honestly, does my chin look big in this.

Staying protected and never neglected.

Wondering when my hairdresser will start taking blonde appointments.

No matter the chaos and struggles we are daily facing, keep on that smile, even while wearing a facemask.

I love masks I can finally talk to myself in peace
  • Wearing a mask is the most necessary thing these days because the virus isn’t gone forever.
  • I wear my mask to protect you! I hope you will do the same for me!!!
  • I love masks, I can finally talk to myself in peace.