Here are all the filming locations for ‘White Lotus’ Season 2.

White Lotus Season 2
White Lotus Season 2

Are you a fan of The White Lotus ? Even though most of the characters are horrible people who are on the verge of murdering each other and/or getting murdered , looking at the gorgeous scenery and luxurious hotel is not a crime . Our indulgence can be enjoyed from a distance , added to a Pinterest board, or even planned on a budget . In contrast to season 1, which was set in Hawaii , season 2 was filmed in Sicily, an Italian island region in the Mediterranean Sea . The question is , where exactly ? Here’s what I’ll tell you .

Here are the Sicilian cities where White Lotus season 2 was filmed.

Filming took place in Taormina , Palermo , Noto , and the Ionian Sea nearby . There are many wineries in this region of Italy , as well as an active volcano , Mount Etna , which we saw in the finale. The Palazzo Conte Federico is a gorgeous castle you can tour . As you can imagine , there’s also so much good food to be had…even though most White Lotus guests ate at the hotel .

Di Grasso boys took Portia to lunch at Castello degli Schiavi, just outside Taormina, where The Godfather was filmed . Unfortunately , there is no gift shop or graphic demonstration in person .

On Daphne and Harper’s little excursion, did men circle Harper for a good horny minute ? There was a shot-for-shot homage to Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1960 film L’Avventura outside Noto Cathedral .

Villa Tasca is a private palazzo where they stay.

On the other hand, Tom Hollander’s character, Quentin, owns a 17th-century monastery known as Villa Elena.