North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan! Declared “Security Threat” By Japanese Govt!

North Korea testing new missiles is nothing new. It keeps experimenting with ballistic missiles and this in turn increases tensions. This time, a new missile was fired by North Korea from Pyongyang at 6 am yesterday; as per the officials, the unidentified projectile flew over Japan.

The test-flight was damn aggressive and it increased the anxiety all the more. The U.S Military and the South Korean Military analyzed the launch but couldn’t exactly say how it traveled.

This missile flew over Hokkaido island in Northern Japan and landed in Pacific Ocean. No attempts were made by the Japanese military for shooting down on it. Thankfully, the missile didn’t cause any damage to ships. However, it got separated in 3 parts as reported by NHK TV.

Warning and alert was issued by the Japanese government and people were asked to stay indoors and take proper precautions; there was a doubt that another missile might strike.

On the other hand, South Korean government said that National Security Council must meet and discuss the steps and details that have to be taken after this launch.

According to the chief spokesman of Japanese government, this missile launch has caused a big security threat to Japan. According to him, the most likely targets for the strike are Niigata, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Fukushima, Yamagata, Akita, Miyagi, Iwate, Aomari and Hokkaido.

It would be crazy to think the US won’t have something to say about this.

When a Pure Veg Restaurant Serves You Non-Veg Food To its Customer! What would you Do!

All of us have different food habits. Some eat vegetarian and some love to eat non-vegetarian and there are many who eat both.

In our country, we’ve options to eat both kinds of food in restaurants. The rule book says, that the menu should properly announce the kind of serving a restaurant gives. We are all aware of the significance of red and green dot in the menu and on the packaging of food products.

If there is a red sign, it means it’s made of non-veg ingredients and if it’s green, it means veg. This practice is done so that a person can determine the kind of food, before buying.

Apart from that, some exclusive veg and pure restaurants have been built in the country where all the vegetarians can go and eat without worrying about non-vegetarian ingredients at all. But what if you go to a vegetarian restaurant to relish your favourite food and after eating it, you find that it was not truly veg?

A facebook user Jay Paudyal reported similar case recently to the Delhi Police & Food and Drug Department and broadcasted it through Facebook live all over.

Jay Paudyal had gone to a Delhi’s Andhra Bhawan based famous veg restaurant along with his friends to enjoy their favorite South Indian Food. Not in his worst nightmare he woud’ve thought that the restaurant which claims to be a great escape for vegetarians will serve them a “bone” in the food.

They visited the restaurant took selfies with food and shared on FB without knowing it had non veg ingredients.

Just when they were ending up their meal, a bone was found in the dish which made them go crazy and caused vomiting to one of his friends.

In the live video he reported the whole case in front of the public and also showed the police came at the restaurant to note the case. A case under section 295 A has been filed against the restaurant.

Watch the video-

Petrol Prices up by Rs 6/ Litre and Diesel up by Rs 3.67/ Litre Since July! Here’s Why You Didn’t Notice!

Inflation of a country depends a lot on the transportation costs of taking goods or raw materials from one location to another and the transportation costs are very much affected by the cost of fuel which can be an area of concern for Indians.

Since the first week of July, the price of petrol has been increasing continuously in small amounts and till now, it has increased by Rs. 6/ litre and brought the price to Rs. 69.04/litre. This is the highest since the second-half of Aug 2014 when the price of petrol was Rs. 70.33. The price of diesel is also on a rise and it has increased by Rs. 3.67/ litre, bringing the price to Rs. 57.03/ litre in National Capital Delhi and this is the highest price in the last four months.

Earlier, the state-owned oil companies used to revise the rates on the 1st and 16th of every month but this 15 yrs old practice has now given way to daily price revision since June 16 which shows changes in cost instantly. The rates get revised at 6 AM daily, in the beginning the prices dropped but since July 3, they are on a rise.


On June 16, the price of petrol in Delhi was Rs. 65.48 and on July 2, it was Rs. 63.06; in the same manner, price of diesel on June 16 was Rs. 54.49 and on July 2, it was Rs. 53.36. But since July 3, the prices are increasing; however on few occasions; it reduced also by 2-9 paise. Pilot project was run in five cities before implementing daily revision.

A senior executive of an oil company stated,

“Previously, everybody felt the pinch when rates would go up by Rs 2 or 3 per litre in one go. Now they are being increased by 1 paisa to 15 paisa a litre every day, hikes that have largely gone unnoticed. Many a time, international rates would fall for one week and then rise in the following. So, the net effect of this in the previous price revision policy was status quo or a marginal change in rate.”

If you remember, the prices used to increase by Rs 2-4 straightway, so they were noticed but as of now, the increase is around 10-15 paise and it doesn’t get noticed.

The official feels that daily revision will make a customer aware about the changes that are taking place in the market and this had also linked the prices in Indian market with the prices in International market.


Lalu Yadav Trolled on Twitter Following his Photoshopped Crowd in His Rally

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a reputation of tearing apart the opposition and since he has arrived in the national arena he has been quite successful in doing that. It’s an open secret that no opposition party can stop Namo or his party alone, so the opposition parties have been planning a grand alliance for a long time. However, the biggest blow to this grand alliance was Nitish Kumar joining hands with BJP and making coalition government. Earlier, Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav fought Bihar elections in alliance and made their government but things didn’t work out for long.

Still hopeful of their chances in 2019, RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav organized a rally in Patna on Sunday under the banner of “BJP Bhagao, Desh Bachao” and many political leaders including West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Baneerjee and former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav attended it. In simple words, it is an attempt to form a grand alliance by bringing all the anti-Modi leaders on one platform.

However, one mistake that Lalu Prasad Yadav made was that in over-enthusiasm, he tweeted a photoshopped image of crowd gathered in his rally in Gandhi Maidan, Patna. This is the image that he tweeted with caption, “No “Face” will stand in front of Lalu’s “Base”. Come & Count as much as u can in Gandhi Maidan, Patna #DeshBachao”

Here are a series of tweets Lalu Posted on Twitter:

The news agency ANI showed the difference in the real image and the photoshopped one:

Even Twitter was quick to point out the mistakes in the photo and made it clear that the image was photoshopped:

Qaidi No 1997 Gurmeet Ram Rahim Spent His First Day in Jail In Like a Normal Jail Convict! Check it out!

Gurmeet Ram Rahim was flown to the Rohtak jail in an army helicopter after the CBI court announced him guilty in the 2002 rape case.

There were reports suggesting that the Baba is getting VIP treatment from the police and has been kept in a special air conditioned guest house. It was also said that he is being provided with mineral water.

However, as per the latest reports, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is finally in the regular jail after completing all the formalities. Away from all the luxuries, he has been given a tag of Qaidi No 1997 and as far as his first-day experience in the jail in concerned, it was very hard.

Denying allegations that Gurmeet was given any special treatment, jail officials said he reached Sunaria around 3.30 pm and after completing the formalities related to the entry of a prisoner he was shifted to his cell immediately.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim who used to live a luxurious life in a personalized cave (Gufa) at his dera, spent the whole night lying on the hard floor of the jail.

As per report, Gurmeet Ram Rahm didn’t have dinner and satisfied himself with just a glass of milk before taking the rest.

Another report suggests that he was awake and couldn’t sleep before 5 am after performing yoga for one hour.

He had green tea in the morning and bread for breakfast. He ate some dal and roti cooked in the jail kitchen for lunch. Also, there was no mineral water available for him and had the normal purified water i.e. provided to other prisoners.

Also, he has not been provided with an air conditioning room but has been kept under surveillance of two prisoners in accordance with the jail manual.

Police director general said:

Dera Saccha Sauda leader, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan, accused of Dual Rape, being shifted to Rohtak Jail, by Helicopter from Panchkula, on Friday, August 25, 2017. Express photo.

“The Dera chief has been kept with other prisoners and no separate arrangements have been made for him. He was allowed to take only his clothes to his cell.”

Even when Gurmeer Ram Rahim complained about his back pain and requested an appointment with his personal physician. The request was turned down and jail doctors checked him.

We are sure, the female victims might be a little relieved now after a 15-year long struggle.

“May Your Second Wife Keep You Happy”, Wife Writes this Note and Commits Suicide, Husband held

Police has arrested the husband of a lady who committed suicide in the month of March. After the investigation, it has been found that they feel in love in college and later got married. However, just after five months of the marriage, the woman committed suicide and left a suicide note.

The parents of the women refused to accept that their daughter committed suicide and accused her husband of murdering her.

As per cops, Lakshmi Dhakad (20), who was a second year student, hanged herself on 3rd March and wrote in her suicide note,

“Forgive me! You don’t worry. I will never trouble you and you can live your life happily. I pray to God that your second wife gives you all the happiness of the world! Keep smiling.”

It was revealed in the police investigation that the woman was harassed. Her husband Krishna Gautam has been arrested on the charges of abatement to suicide.

SDM also made an inquiry in the matter as the marriage lasted for less than seven years.

Krishna Gautam met Lakshmi at e-Mitra where one of his friends used to work. Krishna is said to be an actor who has worked in Suryaputra Karn along with some other serials.

Amazon China Sells India Posters with Half Kashmir Cut Out! Gets Slammed!

Amazon has invited many controversies in the past too. Remember how it’s American website had put doormats with Indian Gods printed on it on sale? Indians had slammed Amazon for insulting Gods and some had even threatened to take action. Even Sushma Swaraj has lashed out at Amazon and asked them to apologize.

After receiving a warning from Sushma Swaraj, Amazon removed that controversial product from the website. However, Amazon has once again sparked a controversy and this time, it’s through ‘Amazon China’. Amazon works on buyer-seller mode where any retailer can sign up and list their products. This time, an Indian map with half Kashmir gone has been listed on the site.

We all know that the relations of India and China are not that good; tensions are growing between both the nations and amidst this, a retailer on Amazon china has done something that has insulted Indians and has made them furious.

Well, it is selling Indian maps with half Kashmir gone. Kashmir has been a disputed part and there have been many controversies between India and Pakistan for the same.

Have a look at this watercolor map canvas art print.

Here is the original map:


This hasn’t gone down well with Indians. Many took to Twitter to slam this listing. Check out some tweets..

Supreme Courts Bars “Triple Talaq” Till New Law is Created! Here’s How Twitter Reacted!

The practice of “Triple Talaq” has been controversial since a long time now. However, the Supreme Court has finally barred this practice and has asked the Center to bring a law with regards to this. A 6-month hold has been put on this practice as of now, so that the parliament gets time to enact a law.

A bench of 5 judges ruled out this decision in 3:2 majority that Triple Talaq is “Unconstitutional” and “Illegal”. Supreme Court was of the opinion that if Islamic countries can abolish the law, even India can act accordingly.

If the parliament doesn’t form any law within 6 months. Supreme Court’s injunction on Triple Talaq will continue. As soon as Supreme Court passed its verdict, here’s how Twitter reacted:

Eastern and North India 169 McDonald’s Store To Close Down in 15 days

We all love to eat burgers and we really don’t need to mention that McDonald’s is the name which immediately comes into minds whenever there’s a mention of burgers. People are simply in love with McChicken burgers, McAloo Tikkis and not to forget Pizza McPuffs. However, your craving will not be satisfied now if you live in Eastern or North India.

Yes, you read it right! The franchise agreement for as many as 169 CPRL-run McDonald’s outlet is terminated by the American food chain due to non-renewal of licenses.

CPRL stands for Connaught Plaza Restaurant Ltd and the big decision was taken after few weeks of the closing of 43 CPRL-run McDonald’s outlets in Delhi on account of non-renewal of licenses. Just to inform, CPRL is a joint-venture with the partnership of 50-5 between McDonald’s and Vikram Bakshi.

Within 15 days after getting the notice of termination, CPRL will have to stop the use of name, trademark, system, designs as well as intellectual property of McDonald’s,

McDonald’s released a statement in which it said,

“Today we have issued the CPRL board a notice of termination of the franchise agreement between McDonald’s India Pvt Ltd and CPRL for 169 McDonald’s restaurants operated by CPRL in north and east India.”

This termination includes each outlet which have been affected due to non-renewal of licenses.

As per McDonald India,

“We have been compelled to take this step because CPRL has materially breached the terms of the respective franchise agreement relating to affected restaurants and has failed to remedy the breaches, despite being provided with an opportunity to do so in accordance with the agreements.”

This is definitely bad news for us, and we will need to choose an alternative now.

Why Life Imprisonment Means Jail Time of 14 Years? Here’s the Truth Many People Didn’t Know

In Bollywood films and in real life too, you must have noticed several times an offender gets a lifetime sentence but comes out of jail after just 14 years.

Why is it called a lifetime sentence if it just completes in 14 years? Or is there something more about it that we don’t know? Let’s find out.

Advocate Virag Gupta, Supreme Court has explained about it and shared that there is no mention in the Indian Constitution about the 14 year limit of a lifelong sentence.

In 2012, Supreme Court clarified that Lifelong imprisonment means a jail sentence of a lifetime. The apex court had announced –

“It appears to us there is a misconception that a prisoner serving a life sentence has an indefeasible right to be released on completion of either fourteen years or twenty years imprisonment. The prisoner has no such right.”

But the question is still there. If it’s meant to be a lifetime imprisonment then how criminals get out of the jail after 14 years? Here’s the answer-

As per Supreme Court, after a convict is given lifetime imprisonment, he is under the custody of state government that they carry the responsibility of his lifetime jail term execution. Only state government decides whether the convict will leave the jail after 14 years, 20 years, 30 years or he will stay there for a lifetime. The time is decided by keeping in mind his behavior, health and family situations during the conviction. However a minimum 14 years of jail is compulsory for the convict charged with lifetime imprisonment and he cannot come out of the jail in any cases before 14 years.

In a statement, the apex court said –

“In the case of a convict undergoing life imprisonment, he will be in custody for an indeterminate period. Therefore, remissions earned by or awarded to such a life convict are only notional. In his case, to reduce the period of incarceration, a specific order under Section 432 of the CrPC will have to be passed by the appropriate government. However, the reduced period cannot be less than 14 years as er Section 433-A of the CrPC.”