Virat Kohli is the Only Indian Athlete to feature in Forbes Highest-Paid List. Here’s who Topped the List

Undoubtedly, Virat Kohli is one of the most loved and famous of Indian athlete present today. He has a fan following which measures in the millions and he makes the money the same money. With endorsements with Audi, MRF, Pepsi and Puma he rakes in money like nobody else.

Talking about international athletes gracing their respective sports, the list is endless; but only a few athletes get paid their true value in each sport they represent. And Virat Kohli is one of those only Indian athletes who is matching the earning capacity of international athletes around the world.

Yes you read it right! Virat Kohli is the only Indian athlete to feature in the Forbes lsit of “World’s Highest-Paid Athletes 2018”. The cricketer has secured the 83rd rank with total earnings of Rs 160 crore ($24 million). The top spot has been secured by American boxing champion Floyd Mayweather (41) with earnings of Rs 1,905 crore ($285 million).

Here is the list of Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes of the World:

  1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing) – Rs 1,905 crore ($285 million)
  2. Lionel Messi (Soccer) – Rs 742 crore ($111 million)
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer) – Rs 721 crore ($108 million)
  4. Conor McGregor (Mixed Martial Arts) – Rs 662 crore ($99 million)
  5. Neymar (Soccer) – Rs 601 crore ($90 million)
  6. LeBron James (Basketball) – Rs 571 crore ($85.5 million)
  7. Roger Federer (Tennis) – Rs 516 crore ($77.2 million)
  8. Stephen Curry (Basketball) – Rs 514 crore ($76.9 million)
  9. Matt Ryan (Football) – Rs 450 crore ($67.3 million)
  10. Matthew Stafford (Football) – Rs 397 crore ($59.5 million)

Virat Kohli (Cricket) – Rs 160 crore ($24 million) – Rank 83

As the craze and love for Cricket in our country is far more than the other sports, there’s no wonder that an Indian cricketer has got place in the list; however,  it is quite surprising no other Indian cricketer has got a spot on the list.

As forbes stated:

“Yet like the Indian cricket mega-stars who have come before him, Kohli’s big payday comes off the pitch.”

Kohli is one of the five cricketers who have been given A+ contract which means they make a minimum of $ 1 million per year as their contract agreement.

BCCI Raised Salary of Indian Umpires. It’s much More than Pakistani Umpires

Cricket is a sport which is much loved and followed by spectators and fans around the world. So much so it is one of the few sports which have matches being played all around the year and is broadcasted across the world. But for the matches to be a success the players need to bring their A-game, and so do the umpires, coaches and support staff whose role is invaluable.

In fact, the role of an umpire during the game is most influential and he has to be alert all through the game. And even the job is complicated; he can’t be bias towards his favorite team.

However, Indian umpires have shown a good performance throughout the years and are known for their impartiality. Now that they contribute so much to the game, don’t they deserve the best pay?

BCCI has taken this into consideration and hiked the salary of the umpires. The salaries of the top 20 umpires who have to look after the senior men’s tournaments have been hiked.

Getting back to the point, how much do Indian And Pakistani umpires get for their contribution?

The best part is that they have got 100 percent hike. Earlier the salary was 20,000 but now, it has been raised to 40,000 per day. It is more than that of domestic ones who earn 35,000 every day.

T20 umpires would get salary of Rs 20,000 per day. On the other hand, those looking after women cricket and junior cricket will get Rs 30,000 per day.

However, as compared to India, Pakistani umpires are getting very less. It was reported that their salary is just Rs 6,000 per day.

Even though PCB did hike the salary of 11 performing umpires that does not include everybody.

Indians should be proud that BCCI is taking such steps to give deserving pay to the umpires.

India Defeated Kenya 3-0. Watch the Videos of the 3 Superb Goals

After Sunil Chettri’s heartfelt appeal to all the fans whom he wanted to share the stage with during his 100th international match, the crowds thronged the stadium and made this a spectacle to watch. And it then became India’s proud moment as India went on to defeat Kenya 3-0 during the Hero Intercontinental Cup in Mumbai Football Arena.

Before there was not much hype related to the tournament since the IPL had just concluded but during the match, India went on to give one of its best performance. Indian Captain Sunil Chettri lead the way by scoring goals during the match, and added to the flavor was the goal by Jeje Lalpekhlua.

Here are the 3 Videos of the goals scored by the Indian Captain and Jeje:

India will play its last league match against New Zealand on 7th June. In case, India wins/draws it will reach the finals.

India also had thrashed Chinese Taipei in its first match and defeated the team by a margin of 5-0 and even if they lose the next match they will go on to the final due to higher goal difference.

If NZL lose their match against Chinese Taipei then India will automatically qualify for finals. We wish them all the best.

Airtel and Jio are fighting Over Customer On Twitter. Here’s who he finally chose

Jio is the brand to be affiliated with these days, with its attractive offers and range of plans which give unlimited calls, sms and data, Jio is definitely overpowering the other brands.

Providers such as Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are losing customers to Jio left, right and centre since they are more affordable and better network. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Jio the ‘brand of tommorow’.

Some customers are not happy with Airtel’s services. One such customer named Shubham Sahoo took to twitter to voice his concerns and tell how disgusted he felt with Airtel’s network. He said that the network in his village is very poor, he would shift to Jio.

Here’s what he said:

As soon as Airtel and Jio saw this they started fighting over the customer. Firstly, Jio asked the customer to share his details..

However, this did not go well with Airtel, and they asked the customer to change his mind.

The customer was not ready to change his mind, and wanted a better network.

Finally, he chose Jio’s services and shared all his details with them. Jio acknowledged the same. It’s glad to see how Jio is serving customers in such an efficient manner.

What Happens to Coin Collected by Security at Wankhede Stadium? We finally have the Answer

Have you and your friends been regularly going to the Wankhede to watch Cricket matches. If you have been then you would have noticed that the security does not allow certain things inside the stadium. Most of them include bottles, packets of food and also, change money. Yes you heard it right. Security does not allow change inside the stadium. And they have a valid reason for it.

Due to the craze for the game, hooligans and sometimes even normal fans, act like caged monkeys when their team loses. There have been incidents of fans throwing bottles and other ‘missiles’ onto the field.

So the security does not allow the fans to bring in change into the field. So what happens to the money collected from fans during such matches?

We have the answer for it, once the money gets collected after a game or two, the money is sent as an offering to the Hanuman Mandir in Marine Lines, and most of the times the change box is not even opened and sent directly to the mandir where it is opened. And the amount is a big amount sometimes ranging to Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000.

Noticed the Different Colors on Road Milestones? This is What it Means

You don’t need to be a travel blogger to have this question in your head? If you have travelled by road to any place, you may have seen this on the road. No, we are not talking about cattle, and dogs but we are talking about road milestones.

And the really question is why these road milestones have different colors. You may think that it has something to make the milestones look beautiful, but, there is actually a reason behind painting the milestones in that manner. These color code reflect the kind of road you are travelling on.

  1. Yellow Color

While travelling on roads, you may have seen milestones with yellow and white color. This means you are on a national highway.

  1. Green Color

While travelling if you spot a milestone with green color, it means you are travelling on a state highway.

  1. Black, Blue and White Color

If you are travelling on road and you see a black, blue or white color milestone, then it means you are travelling on a city or district road.

  1. Orange Color

Orange color milestones are used in villages. These milestones are found on village roads that come under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.

Dhoni Trolled Jadeja and Smiled After that, That Too on Field. Video Shows Funny Side of Dhoni.

Captain Cool M S Dhoni is currently leading his CSK side in the IPL 11. And they are doing good under his captaincy, and even though he loses his cool sometimes when things are not being done his way, there is no shortage of evidence saying that he doesn’t know how to have some fun on the field.

Fans know how mischievous Mahi is; and he definitely knows how to add some fun to a tough match. This is the reason he is the LEGEND, and along with stumping and batting, Dhoni is a master of the art of ‘Khichaai’ too.

Yesterday, was the match between CSK and SRH and it was the top two teams in the table fighting out for their spot in the playoffs. The mood was set for a great encounter and things were definitely getting hot on the fields. Dhoni was there to treat us with his great running skills in the match, but also entertained us with his “Scary” tactics.

In the 7th Over, Bhajji bowled a length delivery to Shikhar Dhawan, who tried taking a single. Since it was struck towards mid-wicket, and there were no fielders present there, Dhoni decided to quickly run towards the ball and got hold of it.

Jadeja followed the lead, and when Dhoni got to the ball, he acted like he was throwing the ball to Jadeja, which made him scared, but Dhoni was all smiles. This video is definitely a treat for fans; watch it..

Shashi Tharoor Questioned Kohli’s Decision of Skipping Afghanistan Series. BCCI gives him mouth shut reply

Virat Kohli, India’s ace captain is gearing up for Country Cricket Championship. And now that he is going to be playing county cricket he will be missing the 1st Test Match against Afghanistan in Bengaluru.

He will be playing until the month of June in County Cricket, and on 2nd of June, Kohli planned to return to India for Limited Overs Series against England and Ireland.

And this decision has received the nod of agreement from the BCCI, who said that Kohli can be excused from the Afghanistan series. However, Shashi Tharoor is not very cool about it. He questioned Virat Kohli’s decision.

The Congree Minister took to Twitter to voice his dissent for the decision from Virat Kohli, and he worded his reply like this:

He wrote, “So @BCCI makes it priorities clear : @imVkohli can put IPL ahead of county cricket but county cricket ahead of leading India in a Test match. Woah!”

He shared an article and tagged BCCI in it.

Amitabh Choudhary, the Acting Secretary of the BCCI reacted to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet and came out in support of Virat Kohli.

He said,

“There was no intention of not to play. It was only because the English challenge is something we have to rise to, to the satisfaction of the entire cricket fraternity of this country, that Virat will abstain for the right reasons. We are giving equal importance to the Test match against Afghanistan just like we gave to the Test series that took place in June 1932. Kohli is an effectively active player and the absence of the home team’s skipper in order to favor county cricket is not act of disrespect to the opposition. Any act has to be judged by the intention which precedes it.”

Even MSK Prasad, the Chairman of Selectors said, “Kohli is going so that he come well prepared for the England Test Series”

Jadeja’s Performance in Batting, Bowling and Fielding was Bad, But the CSK Fans and Twitter Couldn’t stop Trolling Him

Yesterday’s match between CSK and KKR was a nail biter in itself, not due to the score or the competition, but how much lack of focus and effort was taken by Ravindra Jadeja during the match. We all enjoyed the match, but most of us were disgusted by his performance during the match, and we had hoped for better from Jadeja.

Even though KKR won the match by 6 Wickets and easily chased down the 177 Run target set by the team. But Jadeja’s performance shows why he is kept out of the national team. In fielding he dropped Sunil Narine twice in the start of the 2nd over and Sunil went on to score a 32 runs due to this mistake. Even though Jadeja was the one who took his wicket in the end, the damage was done. His fielding according to everyone of us was not up to the mark.

And when it came to bowling, he gave away a whopping 39 runs in his 12 over, close to 10 runs each over on an average. And even though he took Sunil’s wicket at the end, he could have had him at 6 instead of 32 runs.

When it came to batting, he scored a mighty pale score of 12 runs in 12 bowls. And that too in the death overs which seems unbelievable. Fans were angry and mad over his performance and they made their anger known.

Twitter went crazy over the performance and made Jadeja know about his bad performance. Here’s what they wrote.

Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik Announce Pregnancy News in the Most Creative Style. Everyone is Going Gaga over it

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have been very active on social media, whether it be posting updates through photos, tweets about their daily life and very fashionably shutting down trollers. And we love everything about it, the way they take everything sporty and still maintain their cool.

Recently, a tweet came out from Sania that their child will be named Mirza-Malik. And people thanked her for her forward thinking. This time the news which came from the camp was even more than that, and the creative way which they did the news blew everyone away.

Well, Shoaib and Sania took to twitter to share the news of parenthood, and we could sense the creative juices were flowing. Rather than simply announcing the news, they used the most unique way to do so.

The couple took to Twitter to share this wonderful news to the world and got the best of wishes from them.

Here’s what Sania tweeted:

In the image we can clearly seen it is like a closet, with two t-shirts hanging, one which says ‘Malik’ and the other which says ‘Mirza’ and between the two, we see a baby vest with the name ‘Mirza-Malik’. Along with that cute vest there is a sweet feeding bottle.

In the past, we have seen various sports personalities announce pregnancy news, but this one is surely in style, don’t you agree?

Even Shoaib tweeted the same.

Seeing all this twitter was full of fans who couldn’t get enough of the news, and wanted to post their best wishes to the couple.

Let us have a look at the reactions first: