Top 10 Motivational Bollywood Movies for entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurship requires many traits: ingenuity, focus, consistency, confidence, persistence, resilience and determination. And above all a motivation to succeed, struggle against odds and unshakeable faith in oneself. There are a lot of good books that inspire potential entrepreneurs, but equally inspiring and less noticeable are the Bollywood movies that show the ups and downs, crests and troughs and the relentless journey in the face of opposition and mockery. These movies have different themes, but the resoluteness of the characters and their hard-won-success at the end is something that will certainly inspire budding entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of 10 Bollywood movies that entrepreneurs must watch.

1. Band Baaja Baarat(2010): The movie features the bubbly and charming Anushka Sharma and the live wire Ranveer Singh. The gorgeous duo starts a wedding planning company and eventually falls in love. The movie gives the most important message of never mixing personal and professional lives and being ambitious.

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2. 3 Idiots(2009): The theme of the movie isn’t related directly with entrepreneurship but it does relate with dedication, following your heart’s pursuit, not treading the beaten track, and thinking out-of-the-box. The movie is a testament of unyielding passion which is a lesson entrepreneurs must learn by heart.

3. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year(2009): The movie revolves around the story of a guy who got mere 39% marks in college and then works as a salesman. He is mocked by both his co-workers and his superiors, but soon with his hard work, dedication and honesty becomes a self-made entrepreneur. The movie dispels the notion that success in life hinges on a marksheet. It shows that a firm belief in yourself, unwavering faith and the right attitude can do wonders.

4. Corporate (2009): The movie is about the dark side of corporate rivalries and the extent to which they can go. It shows conspiracies and power plays. The move serves an important message to those who chase power for power’s sake. It depicts how important it is to be ethical and conscientious in doing business and our values can not be sacrificed at the altar of blind profiteering.

5. Chak De India(2007): Based on an out-of-form women’s hockey team which ends up winning the world championship, the movie explores various themes, right from prevalent casual sexism to the spirit of sportsmanship, but the most important lesson that it offers is the importance of team spirit, good leadership, motivation, leadership and strategy building. There are many pearls of wisdom for management aficionados.

6. Guru(2007): Guru is loosely based on the life of maverick entrepreneur and Reliance group founder Dhirubhai Ambani. Abhishek Bacchan plays the role of Gurukant Desai, a normal guy from a small town in Gujarat who aspires to be a textile tycoon. The movie shows a cunning, shrewd and ruthless man whose only ambition is skyrocketing success. It reminds us of the classic Machiavelli quote that a businessman is one who knows how to turn crisis into opportunity. The movie also vindicates an important message” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”()

7. Swades(2004): Shahrukh Khan plays the role of a NASA scientist who wants to work in his village and bring a lot of changes there. The movie highlights the importance of human resources and infrastructure. An important message for entrepreneurs is that they should ensure sustainability and keep in mind ambitious futuristic plans.

8. Manzil(1979): It is the tale of an unemployed man who dreams to start his own company. He takes loan, starts a galvanometer company but suffers from setbacks. But he learns his lesson the hard way, mends his ways and emerges successful. The movie reiterates the famous maxim that failure is not final until we make it final and it underscores the importance of accepting our mistakes and rectifying them.

9. Manthan(1976): The Shyam Benegal directed movie focusses on the story of a veterinary doctor who comes to a village to start a cooperative society so that the villagers can benefit. The movie is inspired from the life of Dr Verghese Kurien, the pioneer of white revolution in India, and it shows the story of foundation of Amul. The movie is a must watch for everyone interested in social entrepreneurship and managing cooperatives.

10. Pyaasa(1957): This Guru Dutt starrer is a cult classic in Bollywood. It is based on the story of a young man who has immense passion for poetry, but his family and relatives leave no opportunity to ridicule him. He doesn’t lose hope and continues to pen radical poems, and at last success and fame embraces him but only when he gets disillusioned with the ways of the world and success doesn’t mean much to him. The moral of the story is the one should never lose hope and always follow one’s heart.