10 the most romantic cities in the world

Whether it is almost Valentine’s Day, just Christmas, your exceptionally precious date, or because you love traveling and romance … the Lists of romantic cities are always fun. Today we inspire you with a list of no less than 10 romantic towns. Places where love can blossom or cities where you can have some quality time with your loved one. Be inspired for your next romantic weekend away!

Top 10 most romantic cities


With its colorful houses, date-worthy museums (think of the Fotografiska, for example), and cozy cafes, Stockholm is a perfect destination for a romantic weekend away. You sleep in luxury hotels in this city or snug in a large boat. Wondering in which super hotel we slept and where we had the best breakfast in all of Stockholm? You can read that here.


Istanbul hot air balloons romantic couple

In Istanbul, you imagine yourself in the beautiful world of a thousand and one nights. This mysterious city exudes a lot of romance with its magnificent Blue Mosque, beautiful Hagia Sophia, and colorful bazaar. You can try a couples’ Turkish Bath, wander through the Basilica Cistern, explore the haerums at Topkapi Palace. Especially when the sun is just sinking and gives a warm glow to the whole city. Discover beautiful Istanbul and what not to miss when you are in this city.


vienna-romantic place on earth

It is not only the capital of Austria but also the city of ‘the Kiss.’ In other words, the well-known painting by Gustav Klimt, in which an entwined couple is depicted on a gold-flowered canvas. The city is full of versions of this famous painting. Still, the graceful architecture of Vienna also creates a sense of romance. You can also ride the Riesnerad Ferris Wheel with your beloved, see classic art together, go to a ball, and waltz!


romantic beauty of Paris

For many, Paris is still the city of love. With its gigantic Eiffel, cozy cafes, mysterious Moulin Rouge, and beautiful buildings, it is also a city that you can easily visit several times. Couples can take a romantic stroll down the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, Wall of “InLove You’s,” Palace of Versailles, and many more. Read more about Paris and discover our tips for this loving city.


city of love and gondola Venice

Of course, the small winding streets and canals of Venice cannot be missed in this list. You can (okay, you must have some budget) with your loved ones a gondola ride, delicious Italian food (and love really goes through the stomach as we all know). You can follow Casanova’s Footsteps and sip wine there. View the beautiful sunset on St. Mark’s Square, or explore the Dorsoduro.


France Lille beautiful romantic city

It is not Paris, but despite that, it is called the shopping mecca of France. You will find a lot of good shops and streets in Lille where you can wander for hours. You can also take a super lovely bike ride in Lille during a romantic weekend away, and there are plenty of tents where you can eat well. Moreover, Lille is also not too far from the Netherlands, so if you want to spend a few nights here, you don’t have to drive too far by train or car. Read more about Lille here.


romantic city of brussels

Do you love a new one? Then Brussels is a top destination for one or two nights. The whole city is filled with beautiful architecture. You can shop together, taste chocolate, eat waffles, and sleep in one of the many romantic beds and breakfast in luxury hotels. You can visit the Temple of Human Passions, tour the Gothic church, and explore the Garden of Hearts. Curious about what we wouldn’t have missed in Brussels? Read more here


beautiful romantic city Copenhagen Denmark

In our opinion, Copenhagen is also allowed in this list of romantic cities. In Copenhagen, you can do so much with your date. For example, rent a bicycle together and drive to the hippy village of Christiania. Book a tour boat ticket the next day and play a bit of the Titanic as you sail past all the beautiful buildings. Have a nice lunch in the afternoon at one of the many healthy hotspots, and in the evening, go hip at Streetfood Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a city you want to visit once.


romantic beauty of Rome Italy

During a balmy summer evening in Rome, you can’t help but fall in love with this Italian city. There is a beautiful fountain, church, or other types of building on every street corner. Furthermore, the flirtatious Italian culture also contributes to the feeling of romance. With a good glass of red wine or tasty gelato, every date is already perfect. Want to discover more of Rome? You can do that here.


florence romantic city image

For many couples in love, Florence is the city of love, but Florence is also known as Europe’s cultural heart. When the sun drops here, and a golden yellow glow falls over all the beautiful buildings in Florence, you can’t help but get some extra butterflies in your stomach.

And to which city would you prefer to book a romantic holiday? Let us know in a comment below or on social media!