Laser hair treatment is now getting more attention due to its non-invasive nature. Wrong food and bad lifestyle is causing baldness more than ever. Some form of male pattern baldness affects 2 out of every 3 men, while other conditions, often caused by genetic factors, can affect up to 50% of all women.

Overall, studies indicate that by age 50, more than one-half of all people will experience some degree of hair loss.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

There are, however, multiple methods of hair replacement available both surgical and non-surgical options. In short now more than ever, hair loss can be controlled.

Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

For those people interested in exploring non-surgical hair replacement options, laser hair restoration is also among the leading methods of hair loss treatment. This type of hair restoration increases cell metabolism and allows hair follicles to regenerate meaning the laser hair loss treatments repair damaged hair cells through laser light therapy and stimulate hair growth.

Laser hair loss treatment, like hair transplants, has proven to be a safe and effective way to re-grow hair in balding areas of the scalp. This non-surgical hair growth treatment uses both soft and low light level lasers on several hundred different places on the scalp.

Laser hair restoration normally includes a few simple steps:

  • Consultation and analysis: the subjects hair loss history, specific hair restoration goals and other hair growth treatment options are evaluated.
  • Finding the right combination of treatments: the key to successful laser hair replacement is finding other hair restoration methods to complement it. Doctors experiment with a combination of hair transplants, laser hair treatments an hair growth drugs depending on each person’s needs.
  • Actual laser hair treatment: Using lasers, doctors have determined that light therapy not only minimizes hair loss, it also stimulates re-growth all without surgery.

How Do Laser Hair Growth Treatments Work?

Modern laser hair growth specialists believe that this increased circulation can be credited for encouraging hair follicles to produce hair growth, even if they were unable to before, through gentle stimulation.

Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) was found to improve a variety of non-scarring alopecias. It further demonstrated that this method can be used immediately following hair transplant surgery in order to improve healing and viability in the early growth of transplant grafts.

Modern laser hair growth treatments are generally difficult to measure, particularly because the treatment is relatively new. To date, no double-blind studies have confirmed the treatment’s efficacy. More research will be required before it can ever be widely accepted.

Some specialists acknowledge that the treatment tends to work but they still aren’t entirely sure why. The full effects of lasers on hair cells remain widely unknown. Although doctors are unable to agree on whether laser light therapy is an effective option for treating hair loss, there is a general consensus that the procedure is safe, tolerable and significantly less invasive than surgical hair restoration.

Low-level Laser Therapy Benefits

There are a number of treatments which are effective, including hair transplants. But low-level laser therapy may blow them all out of the water in terms of benefits.

With laser treatment for hair growth, side effects are virtually zero, making it a very popular option when compared with more intensive surgeries and treatments. Here are a few reasons why the idea of laser-induced hair growth is so promising for sufferers of balding:

Laser hair treatment
  • Virtually no side effects – Because hair growth laser therapy is administered at relatively low levels for short periods of time, the majority of patients experience no side effects whatsoever. And because the treatment is non-invasive it comes with significantly fewer risks than transplants. Regardless you should always consult your physician before starting any new treatment.
  • Increased hair strength – Specialists claim that this treatment not only encourages stimulation of new hair growth but also improves the appearance and strength of existing hair. Some users report their hair is left thicker, softer and fuller after treatment.
  • Stops the progression of hair loss – Some clinics report that the majority of patients who try clinical laser treatment not only experience hair growth but also a lower frequency of hair loss following treatment
  • Home options are more affordable than transplants – Laser therapy is no means cheap, but still, one of the more affordable clinical hair loss treatment options available, especially if you opt for at-home devices, which can be used for years for the one-time cost of the device.

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