Would You Arrest a Woman for ‘Stealing’ 3 Fries from your Plate, This Officer would

This news piece would absolutely surprise you. Consider taking 3 Fries from another person’s plate, it’s something anyone and everyone would do.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 fries

This is exactly why a woman from Washington DC did, and the result she is facing Second Degree Burglary Charges. She casually took 3 fries from an Officers Plate at a Quite Restaurant. The officer was having dinner at this restaurant when two drunken women came and sat alongside him.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

They started making small talk and soon enough when one of them reached for the plate and grabbed a fry.

When she in a drunken state reached for another fry, the officer politely asked her not to do that again as she was stealing the food he paid for.

Woman Arrested for Taking 3 Fries

This is when the lady told the officer “Well then you might as well take me to jail.” And the officer did just that and arrested her for stealing three fries from his plate.

Now that is some Food for Thought. Think about what the women went through next time your taking someone’s fries.

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