Wonder Why Airplanes have AshTrays when Smoking is Prohibited! This is why!

It’s been ages since smoking has been prohibited in the planes “we still don’t have any idea, why it was allowed at the first place” but a thought strikes mind when we notice ashtrays still available in the bathrooms. Why are they still there? What’s the point? I believe you must have also thought about this.

Here’s the answer to it –

According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) list of “minimum equipment” for aircraft, an ashtray in the plane toilet is still a legal requirement.

Yes, it is the fact that nobody is allowed to smoke on a plane, but in case someone does it, the FAA suggests that there must be ashtrays to prevent any chance of fire.

What’s more, if one of the aircraft’s ashtrays breaks, the regulations say that they must be fixed or replaced within 10 days (as long as 50 percent of the plane’s ashtrays are operational, otherwise they must be fixed in three days).

Indeed, in 2009, it was reported that a British Airways plane was delayed because the staff was searching for a “vital” replacement ashtray.


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