Woman Thought She was Dating Saif Ali Khan for 14 Months, When She Found out the Truth She was Heartbroken

Most of us are hell bent on using technology to fulfill our daily needs, so much so that there is an app for everything in the world. We are so dependent on technology that we have thousands of friends on Facebook, but we don’t know our neighbors. And this is where the over-dependency on technology affects us.

Before technology, you used to meet people at parties, birthdays, office get-together and marriages. If you meet someone and you like them, then you would start going out and getting to know each other better. But with the entry of dating apps where you can see people and make the first impression on them without personally meeting them, it has opened a new realm of possibilities. Right?

Anne (44), a mother of two, started to use the Tinder App for dating men she liked and fell upon the profile of Anthony Ray. He had posted a profile with a photo of Saif Ali Khan as his profile pic and Anne thought that the Nawab was really Anthony. And so taken away from his look she was, that she immediately started dating him, it was only after 14 months of dating that she found out the truth and she was so heartbroken.

Anthony had put up the picture of Saif Ali Khan from ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ because he felt that he resembled most like the Nawab of Bollywood. The thought comes to mind is why they didn’t meet if they were dating for 14 months.

The truth is that Anne met him 3 months into dating on the app, and was swept away by his charm and looks. But then she found that he would meet her only on some occasions and she decided to find out the truth.

She sent a detective to find out the truth, and she was informed that he was a married man who was having a series of affairs with many other women using a number of smart phones.

She was heartbroken and decided to file a petition in the court stating the fact that she was cheated upon, the petition read, “Making a fake online profile with the intent to use women/men for sex, should be a crime.”

Please be careful while finding dates on such apps, as there are many fake profiles waiting for you to make a mistake.