Woman Broke a Bracelet and Fainted after knowing that the Price is Rs 30 Lakhs

Many times, we have seen a warning being put up in the shops which sell costly products that read, “You break it, you buy it”, which implies that if you break anything, you have to pay for it. So a person should be very careful while visiting such shops otherwise a small mistake can result in making a huge payment.


On June 27, a female tourist was visiting the jade market of Ruili city, which is in the Yunnan province of South-western China. She dropped a jade bracelet by mistake and fainted after she got to know its price.


Surprisingly, the cost of the bracelet in Indian currency was approximately Rs. 30 lakh or $44,000. As per a  report in the People’s Daily Online, she was trying the bracelet when it slipped off and broke into two after falling on the floor.

Check out the video:

The Chinese consider Jade as more valuable than gold and it is a luxury product there which symbolizes good health and long life.

The family of the lady offered 70,000 yuan ($8,000) to the shopkeeper which he refused saying that it would not even cover the cost of the product. Then the jade bracelet was valued by an independent expert who told that its cost was around 180,000 yuan or $ 26,550 and the family agreed to pay the amount to the shopkeeper.


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