Watch: Girlyappa’s Song About Boyfriends Who Don’t Bathe is Rib Ticklingly Funny and True

It’s always the case of ‘Ghar ki Murgi, Daal Barabar’, the first few weeks with your significant other is always breathtaking. All the random walks in the park and impromptu movie nights would always have you dressed to the nines. You would always check your appearance wherever possible and wait for a bathroom break to check your appearance. Gradually you become comfortable around your special someone, and that’s when you let your looks slip, much to their silent chagrin.

This is exactly what Girlyappa’s new song, a parody of a popular Bollywood number, sums up this situation so perfectly and it isn’t hard to admit how relatable it is. As women you have always had some friends who have had boyfriends, whose love-hate relationship with bathing has kept them up late at nights. This video features Nidhi Singh of Permanent Roommates, playing the disgruntled girlfriend of a guy with truly questionable hygiene habits. The chances she gives her boyfriends to clean up his act and improve are seriously rib tickling funny and at the end when she finally has her way makes you want to be happy for her.

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