Virat Praises Rohit, Jadeja and Hardik on Their Beard! Anushka Stops Him from Joining the Brigade!

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have the same couple goals every single time. Though they don’t express love so openly but when they do, it is adorable.

The two were real adorbs on Instagram when Anushka Sharma literally behaved like a typical girlfriend.

We all know that girlfriends have a major say when their boyfriend thinks of anything related to fashion or style.

All the girls are pretty dominating and possessive about that particular space. Looks like Anushka Sharma is same like any other girl.

Virat posted a photo and revealed to his friends that the trend #BreakTheBeard is amazing but he can’t join the league.

Virat captioned the image: “Sorry boys, but I am not ready to break the beard yet. Great job on the makeovers though. Kudos.”

Here’s the post:

To which Anushka Sharma had a rather stern reply – YOU CANNOT!

Virat Kohli was an obliging boyfriend and just like any other boyfriend he too did not over rule Anushka Sharma!

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