Video Showing Alwar Tea Vendor Distributing Rs 1.6 Crores as Dowry goes Viral!

Even though many people term India as a modern country, there are still some evil practices that continue to haunt the country. One of the serious offenses is “Dowry” and “Underage” marriages.

While the government is setting harsh rules for black money hoarders, this “Chaiwala” has come under the scanner of Income Tax department for paying Rs 1.60 crores as dowry. Yes, he distributed a huge sum of money at the wedding ceremony of his 6 daughters on 5th of April.


Leela Ram Gujjar owns a tea stall in Alwar (Rajasthan) and a viral video, in which he is seen counting and distributing notes to the families of grooms has surprised each one of us.

According to reports, Gujjar married off 6 of his daughters, out of which 4 were underage. The Income Tax department issued a notice to him and called him for interrogation, but he failed to show up in the office. The officials wanted an explanation from him about his source of income.

An official from the Income Tax Department says,

 “We will wait till Thursday. He will be questioned on his income, and it will be checked if he filed his returns or not. If the dowry he paid stemmed from unaccounted for income, a tax deduction process would be initiated. He has also been asked to produce documents pertaining to his income.”

Gujjar is also accused of getting his 4 minor daughters married at the ceremony. Watch this viral video;


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