Varun said he voted last year & people started trolling him! He had to reply them and set the Record Straight

“To Err is Human” is the norm of today’s headline grabbers, but it is not the case with most of the celebrities these days. And this was the case with Varun Dhawan for his notoriety to stay up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

He had reached to the polling booth yesterday to cast his vote for the current BMC polls, but was unable to vote because his name was not on the voters list, sparking him to make a statement which left the trollers with something to talk about during the day. He said “upsetting that I couldn’t find my name on the voter list”.

He added to the statement, “My name has not shown up in the list unfortunately, its bizarre because I voted last year. Will find out from EC where is my name”

It may have been a slip of tongue due to his frustration about not being able to vote but the twitterati were left with a chance to up the ante one notch for his “I voted last year” statement. Not to forget what happened to Alia Bhatt when she was unable to correctly name the President of India, something of that sorts happened with Varun too.

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