Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections 2017: BJP tops list of candidates with criminal cases in first phase

A report by Uttar Pradesh Election Watch and Association of Democratic Reforms has scrutinized self sworn affidavits of 836 out of 839 candidates contesting in the first phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls on February 11. The report found details about financial and criminal records of candidates.

A staggering 302 candidates, which is 36 per cent of the lot, declared assets over a crore rupees. Also, the report found that the average assets of the 836 candidates amounted to ₹2.81 crore.

The wealthiest three candidates were Nazir Ahamad from Congress (₹211 crore), Satish Kumar Sharma from BJP (₹114 crore) and Rani Pakshalika Singh from BJP (₹58 crore). Ambedkari Hasanuram Ambedkari of IND was the poorest of the lot with declared assets worth ₹1,000.

As far as a candidate with criminal records is concerned, 168 (20%) candidates have criminal cases registered against them. Shockingly, high 17% or 143 candidates have serious criminal cases to their names.

A total 15 candidates have declared cases related to murder, 42 have declared cases related to attempt to murder, five have cases of crimes against women in their name, including assault or criminal force to women with intent to outrage her modesty and rape. Further two have declared cases of kidnapping for ransom.

Breaking it down party wise, 29 out of 73 candidates from the Bhartiya Janata Party declared criminal cases. From Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, 28 out of 73 candidates declared cases. Similarly, 19 out of 57 candidates from Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), 15 out of 51 candidates from Samajwadi Party (SP), and six out of 24 from Indian National Congress (INC), and 38 out of 293 Independent candidates declared criminal cases against them.

The assessed candidates belonged to 98 political parties, including five national parties, eight state parties, 85 unrecognized parties and 293 are fighting independent.


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