Tradition, Tough Work Environment among top reasons why Alcohol is Permitted in the Army

Army and BSF Jawans live a very rich lifestyle when it comes to liquor, even though they have a very hard and disciplined life. They have to protect our nation from threats and always strive hard to do their best and staying fit and remaining healthy is of upmost importance.

But one thing which is often asked of army men is that why does the army allow enlisted men to drink liquor and provide heavy discount on liquor? When it is important that the army men be top of their game and avoid liquor as it causes health problems, shouldn’t they be the last person to drink it?

There are several reasons for not banning liquor in Army

  1. The genuine reason behind this is that the conditions that the army men work are very dangerous. They are always stationed at the fronline where the weather is cold and hard to even stand, let alone protect the nation. Also in other places the weather is unforgiving such as heat in the desert or the forest.Liquor helps the jawans to stay warm and survive the conditions. So, we can say it’s a necessity to the army men.
  1. Another reason is that the army men stay far away from their families to protect the nation’s boundaries in cases of attacks. In their free time, they are given enough time to do whatever they want. And since they are at high attention during duty, alcohol helps them relax and enjoy with their mates.
  2. There is also a tradition related reasons. British army rules had made it necessary for enlisted men to have a certain quantity of alcohol. This tradition was passed on to Indian army and since then it’s being followed. Also when there is a new recruit who is enlisted in the company, every officer raises a toast as part of welcoming the officer.

But, that doesn’t mean army men can drink as much alcohol as they want on duty. There is also a limited amount of alcohol which is permitted for each officer and it is recorded in a register to keep the track. If there is any overdose or intoxication is found then strict actions are taken and even court-martial is done in rare cases.