This Model tried to pull a prank on her Friend at the Airport and not only did this delay the flight but rapped her with 3 years in jail

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We all love to play pranks on our friends, but there should be a limit. Sometimes, these same pranks might put us in deep trouble, which we would have probably never even imagined. Exactly the same thing happened to this model; one thoughtless prank landed her in a big mess. Yes, one joke has cost her 3 years imprisonment.

Kanchan Thakur (27) was all set to board Air India flight 101 to Delhi, from Mumbai’s Sahar Airport T2, along with her 3 friends and was getting done with all the security checks. After her inspection was over, she thought of having some fun; when her friend came in for a checking,  Kanchan told the security guard to check her friend’s handbag carefully as it had a bomb inside.

Obviously, there was a lot of chaos after this bomb scare and the security immediately called up the airport officials and CISF. Although it was nothing but a prank, she had to face the wrath. Due to this, not only was the Air India flight was delayed by an hour but even all 4 of them were stranded at the airport.

Her prank proved to be dangerous!

As soon as CISF officials arrived there, they questioned her and offloaded their baggage; after this Kanchan started explaining how it was just a joke and nothing else. The officials were in no mood to listen to her, due to which a heated argument started. After offloading the baggage, the flight left at 10 pm instead of its 9 pm departure.

They were taken to the Sahar police station and a complaint was filed against Kanchan, for endangering others’ lives with this bomb hoax.

Inspector BT Mukhedkar stated

“At midnight, officials registered a FIR against Thakur. She took the matter lightly and playing a joke on her friends turned serious.”

The charges slapped on her might lead to 3 years of imprisonment; currently, she is out on bail.


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