The Trailer of ‘Bastards’ Promises A Funny Ride and WE want to Hop Along

What do we get when you get two of the funniest actors in Hollywood, it shows a rib tickling fun format for people to watch. We got two actors in Owen Wilson from Bottle Rocket and other movies and from the Hangover Trilogy Ed Helms. These two act as Bastards in this movie. The movie starts with these two characters being brothers, when their mother goes and tells them that their father was a fictional character, it sends them on frenzied rabbit hole. They are trying to uncover who their father is and this gets them more information about their mother and the many details of the life she led.

The film looks quite a comic ride and also stars Glenn Close, J.K. Simmons and Terry Bradshaw among others. The scheduled release date of Bastards is January 27.

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