The First Ball of The 2nd Day, Ind Vs Aus ! And it was So Powerful, It Broke Maxwell Bat In Two!

At the end of day 1 of the Test match between Australia and India in Ranchi, Aussies scored 299/4 and Glenn Maxwell was well on his way to the first test century with a whopping 82. He was pretty confident of his performance, but it all got ruined on the very first ball on the 2nd day of the Test Match.

The game started with Umesh Yadav’s powerful delivery; we all know how his balls are known to be full of force. What happened was that as soon he threw the first ball, it cracked Glenn’s bat. Yes, the delivery was so aggressive that even the bat gave up. The ball hit the upper part of Maxwell’s bat and it broke into two.

Check out the closeup..

Umesh couldn’t stop smiling; in fact, he was proud of his strength and even showed off his biceps. The ball came in very speedily i.e. at 137 kph and so, Glenn couldn’t save his bat from this accident.

Viewers must have expected a superb shot from Maxwell, but who knew that such a thing would happen, LOL! Even Glenn was all smiles after this unexpected delivery.

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