The Election Commission on Why the EVMs Cannot be Tampered with or Hacked with!

Just after the election results of the 5 states that went to the polls, the UP Bahujan Samajwadi party Supremo Mayawati, alleged that the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were tampered with, otherwise this result in Uttar Pradesh elections is not at all possible.

After that, the New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also expressed his doubt over the EVMs, and wanted the local MCD elections to be held with the help of ballot papers rather than with EVMs. However, as according to Election Commissioner Sanjay Srivastava, it is not possible to tamper with EVMs. Moreover, he has written about this issue to the Delhi Government and has noted these following points.

EVMs are not connected to the Internet, so they cannot be hacked online

The chief election commissioner wrote to the Delhi Government that since the EVMs are not connected to the internet, they cannot be hacked into. And if they want to conduct elections using ballot papers they would require to change the required law in the assembly, and more importantly, it would take more effort to print ballot paper and arranging ballot boxes.

Political Parties don’t know about EVM allotment

In order to know which EVMs will be allotted to which ballot, first the lok sabha area is checked, then Vidhan Sabha area and finally the booth is finalized. The polling party gets to know about the EVM it is getting at the time of dispatching only.

EVM units ensure credibility

EVM has two machines, ballot and control, and presently the third unit known as VVPAT is also included in the EVM, which shows a paper to the voter after which the voter can be certain that their vote has been cast correctly.

EVM mock polling is done before elections for the testing purpose

EVMs are thoroughly checked before the polls and even a mock polling exercise is conducted by the polling party in front of the polling agents of all the candidates. After the mock polling, the polling agents give a certificate of correct mock poll to the booth incharge. Not only that there are signatures of polling agents on the machines which can be checked by the agents at the time of counting.

No proof of EVM tampering

Some cases of the polling booth tampering of EVMs have been reported, but none of them have been proven in front of the Supreme Court.

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