Superstitious Villagers and Tantrik Perform Rituals to take the Soul Back in Hospital

It’s shocking to know how superstitions are still followed and believed in our country. People are so misled that they believe they can get the deceased one back by practicing some rituals.

In Kota, few villagers along with the tantriks entered a government run hospital premises to perform the occult ritual.

As per the information, it was done to take back the soul of a youngster who died in the hospital a couple of years back. His relatives believed that the dead boy’s soul still wanders in the hospital.

Official said that the patient had died following a bad accident. He died in the hospital while undergoing treatment.. The doctors tried to save his life but he couldn’t survive the injuries.

For people who witnessed the event at neurosurgery ICU, the whole occult ritual performed by relatives was weird.

The Hospital superintendent, Dr Pramod Tiwari was not present during the time the event happened said –

Two people came to the hospital to perform some rituals. They believe that this would help them to take the soul of the patient, who died in the hospital, along with them.”

He further added –

“When the villagers reached the hospital, doctors were on their rounds in the wards. Though the other staff, present in the hospital, tried to stop them, they failed to do so. They left the place in hardly two minutes after performing it.”

Watch the video of this incident;

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