St Xavier’s College in Mumbai bans ripped jeans on Campus

One of the most reputed arts colleges in Mumbai, St Xavier’s College has flummoxed many of its residents by banning ripped jeans on campus.

After the circular was made public earlier this week, several students who were found wearing ripped jeans were stopped outside the college gate by security.

“We understand if the institute is against wearing shorts and skirts to college, but how can it have a problem with ripped jeans? The jeans are only torn at the knees,” a female student posted on a social networking website.

Many students from the college, as well as those from neighboring colleges, called this a ‘draconian law’ and shared similar experiences of dress codes at their own institutes.

The college already has a strict dress code, including a ban on sleeveless blouses and shirts, shorts and short skirts.

However, the management of the institute said, adding ripped jeans to the list of banned apparel was necessary.

“The jeans are ripped all over. It is embarrassing to see children on campus in such tattered clothes. We have just put up the dress code on our circular board. Not a single student has objected to it,” said Agnelo Menezes, principal of the institute.

Menezes added that a dress code has been part of the institute’s rules and regulations since its inception. “In the name of fashion, students are mocking the clothes that the poor are forced to wear. As a Jesuit institution, we cannot allow it,” he added.

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