She Became an IAS Officer to take revenge of her Father’s cold-blooded murder and it took her 31 years to get it

Kinjal Singh, who is now the DM of Bahraich, had been just five months old when her father DSP K P Singh was killed by his own colleagues along with 12 people from Madhopur village. On Friday, she started to weep after the court ordered 3 policemen who were responsible for her father’s death to imprisonment until death while 5 other policemen who were accomplices in the murder to life imprisonment. It was announced by the court that the policemen were responsible for pulling out 12 villagers out of their house and shooting them eventually killing all of them to make the death of her father look like an encounter case with the criminals.

Kinjal did not speak with the media after the conviction, but informed that she was pleased with the judgement while her younger sister Pranjal who is now an assistant commissioner of Customs, Ambala, said on the phone, “the day the judgement is enforced, will be the day justice is done.” She was born 7 months after the death of her father.

As per the prosecution, on the dreadful night of 12th Mar, 1982, DSP Singh led a team of policemen to catch two criminals, Ram Bhulawan and Arjun Pasi. Police got a tip that they were hiding in the house of Ram Baran Shukla and this tip was given by Nanku, who was not on good terms with Shukla.

There was no response when the door was knocked upon so Singh turned around to take the next action when he was shot in the chest by one of the other policemen sub-inspector R B Saroj. Doctors declared Singh dead when he was taken to the hospital.


Ram Karan Singh (constable), Ram Nayak Pandey (head constable) and R B Saroj (sub-inspector) are sentenced to death by Rajendra Singh, special judge, while sub-inspectors Rajendra Prasad Singh, Parvez Hussain, Naseem Ahmed, Mangla Singh as well as Rama Kant Dixit (subedar) have been sentenced to imprisonment for life.

Other than Ram Nayak Pandey, who is currently stationed in Jaunpur everyone else has retired. The judge said that as this is a case of conspiracy to commit murder the verdict was announced even though most of the accused are old and sick.

Sanjay Kumar, Senior Public Prosecutor, informs that the judgment states that killings were conducted by Saroj, Ram Nayak and Ram Karan and their crime comes under the category of ‘rarest of rare’ while the other five have been found guilty of conspiring, forging documents and producing fake evidence.

The judgement stated, “The evidence.. Always indicated a conspiracy at a high level and CBI kept their eyes closed.. after shooting of their officer, at least a gang of police personnel helped the village Pradhan, and with his help killed 12 persons.. in a barbaric manner.”


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