Sardar Joke: a Common Work Place Habit, Could lead to Rustication from College

In a proposal made by a committee, Cracking Sardar Jokes is a crime against Sardars. Not the normal kind of crime, but assuaging Negative Stereotypes against Sikhs may lead to rustication from educational institutions.

According to the same committee headed by the Supreme Court, judge H S Bedi said that stereotyping Sardar Kids as intellectually inferior should be considered equivalent to ragging.


And the report also ratified repeated offenders should be dealt with a heavier punishment like rustication from educational institutions.

The same report proposed the setting of an anti-ragging committee in schools and colleges to deal with habitual offenders. It also said that there should be strict action taken against repeated offenders towards kids from Sikh Community by lodging criminal cases against the offender.

The report said that such ragging affects the psychology of the student and should be dealt with strictly.

The Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee had appointed Justice Bedi for this reason. They wanted to counter racial discrimination against Sikhs, was to frame guidelines for Sikh community to counter discrimination they face everywhere.

The Sikh community for years has felt the negative stereotypes have negated the positive traits of the community and demoralized them.

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