Sachin’s Wife Never Came to the Stadium to Watch Him Play. The God Shares the Reason Why?

Sachin Tendulkar is considered as a God of Cricket in this Cricket Crazy Country and there is no denying the fact that he still holds a huge fan following till date. There are many things of Sachin, his fan followers know about but there are also things not known by everybody.

The God of Cricket Sachin was at Gaurav Kapur’s show Breakfast with Champions where he revealed some interesting facts about his cricketing career and his family.

The wives of Cricketers are often seen in the stadiums as they come and cheer for their husbands. However, Sachin revealed to all of us why his wife, Anjali never came to the stadium to cheer him up. And it is due to superstitions.

Sachin recalled an incident which happened in Australia, when all the wives of cricketers came together and asked Anjali to accompany them to the stadium, she refused of course, saying she is superstitious. Sachin himself did not want any of his family members visiting him during his matches because that would distract his focus. Sachin said that Anjali said that she didn’t want to come.

When the ladies insisted and said that they would hide her when she came to the stadium so that she isn’t visible to Sachin, she agreed to come.

Sachin shared the incident with Gaurav and said, that it was the Boxing Day Test Match in Australia, and Brett Lee was bowling and it was the 1st ball. It was one which Sachin wanted to glide down the leg side, but since it was a tricky ball, he edged it. And Gilchrist on the other hand was waiting for the ball to arrive in his hands.

This was the moment when Anjali stood up and decided never to attend Sachin’s matches wherever they were being played. She only arrived at the stadium to watch him again during his last Test Match.

Watch the video below-

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